It's so hard to believe that we are already 5 days into November!

I love this time of year!  The change in seasons, the busy-ness of holiday activities, warm and cozy nights at home with my peeps, it really is a sweet and special time of year.

Next month, my sweet friend Anne and I are going to host a holiday-centerpiece-making-workshop.  For the past few years I have hosted wreath making classes, and those are a lot of fun.  But this year, I thought I would change things up and bit and offer a centerpiece making class!


I haven't ventured into the storage shed {I may never come out alive….it's that bad} to get down my Christmas decorations.  But, I thought I would play around with a few fresh greens to give you an idea of some different centerpiece options!  Disclaimer: please ignore the ripped wallpaper in the background, Matt hopes to have paneling installed on the walls by Thanksgiving….wahoo!





We will provide hand made wooden boxes {that can be decorated for any holiday or season} and at the workshop you will choose paint color and  finish.  We will be using both Chalk Paint® and Milk Paint to finish our boxes.   We will teach how to apply a solid paint color or a washed/stained finish.  We will have numerous fresh greens, pinecones, various ornaments, candles and all sorts of embellishments to add your own touch!  And let's not forget the festive drinks and snacks!    It's going to be a fun time!  Plus, you will go home with a beautiful, unique and fresh centerpiece, and inspiration to create a memorable Christmas season for you, your friends and family.

Please email {} or call {5033857.8176} to reserve your spot!

4th of JULY || and savoring the little moments

Ever since Addilyn was born, we spend most of the Fourth of July at Cannon Beach.  It's a sweet little tradition that we look forward to every summer.  The bakery, the shops, the darling parade, the sweet smell of the ocean air, it's one of my favorite things about summer.


I am definitely learning to savor the time I spend with my little family.  The girls are growing so fast.  I want to pour into them and love on them.  And honestly, some days are just hard.  I loose my patience too many times to count.  I snap and nag, and these sweet little ones love on me anyway.

We slowed down for the day.  We sat and enjoyed the parade.  We enjoyed each other's company.  We were present and it was just what this tired mama/wife needed.



Little Miss loves to savor everything around her.  Truly.  She inspires me to constantly look at things through a child's perspective.





After a long {but so great} day at the beach, we headed to my parent's for a BBQ and got to spend more time with family.

Sometimes I can be so overwhelmed with motherhood.

Am I spending enough time with my babies? Am I working too much? Am I teaching them enough? Am I pouring into them enough? How do I carve out time for my handsome husband?

I love my work and I love being with my kiddos at home.  It's a hard balance between loving your job and loving on your kids.  I am working on letting go of the guilt and learning to celebrate the sweet little moments.  I am finally finding peace with my work/home schedule.  Not balance, I don't know that I will ever find that, but peace.  God can fill in the spots where I am lacking, and believe me, there are plenty.

I hope you will be encouraged to let go of the guilt and fill up on God's peace!



I thought I would share my cookie contribution for the cookie exchange tonight.


The website I found the recipe from has much prettier pictures, but they sure taste good!!




  • {batter}
  • 1 box devils food cake
  • 1 egg
  • 1 stick of butter softened
  • {frosting}
  • 1 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 TB milk, or heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon Peppermint extract
  • Andi's crushed peppermints


  1. Combine egg and butter in a large bowl. Mix until combined. Pour in devil's food cake and mix until the batter is smooth (about 2 min). Roll dough into a ball and push flat onto a lined cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes. Remove to cooling rack and allow cookies to completely cool.
  2. For frosting: Mix together butter. Next add milk, vanilla and peppermint extract. Then slowly add powdered sugar and beat until fluffy.
  3. Frost one cookie on the BOTTOM and then sandwich another cookie on top. I like to use a lot of frosting (make sure it's coming out the sides). Then dip the sides of the cookie into crushed peppermint andis.

Enjoy!!!!!  I prefer mine with a tall glass of cold milk ;-)



Hello friends!

Below is an updated HOLIDAY SCHEDULE for happenings at the design studio.  I will be around this week and next week for appointments if you would like to stock up on Chalk Paint®!  The studio won't be open this Friday {11/22} or next Friday {11/28}, but just call/text/email and I will gladly meet you there!

winterschedule copy

So, the upcoming COOKIE EXCHANGE is going to be a lot of fun!!  I know the holidays can get busy, but I thought this would be a fun way to get together with friends and neighbors.


Here are the details ~

DATE ::  Sunday, December 8th, 2013

TIME ::  6:30-7:30

LOCATION  ::  543 West Main Street, Carlton {the design studio/cottage}

WHAT TO BRING  ::  3 dozen cookies ~ 1 dozen to share and 2 dozen to exchange

I will have drinks, appetizers, a packaging station for your sweet treats and a warm, cozy fire ;-)

Hope you can come!!

CANON BEACH :: a 4th of July tradition

Have you been to Canon Beach?

It is one of my favorite beach towns {in Oregon}!  The shops, the food, the houses, the ocean, I love everything about it!

Three years ago, a friend told us that the entire city celebrates the 4th of July.  That they have a darling parade and great fireworks.  She was so right!


It has now become a tradition.....starting with breakfast at the Canon Beach Bakery....


Cheering on the participants in the parade.....


Packing a picnic for the beach.....


The past two years, we also did a lot of shopping.  Funny thing; a 2 year old and 2 month old aren't really into shopping....


So, this year we didn't check out any of the darling little shops, looks like we will just have to make another trip later this month ;-)


Hope you and your family had a lovely 4th....we are so very blessed to live in a free country!!


ST. PATRICKS DAY:: some green inspiration

Good morning friends,

It's so hard to believe that February is almost over!

March is on my mind.  The newness of Spring, planting cold weather crops, darling bulbs poking their heads through the mud...more on all of that later.

In the mean time, I thought I would share a few St. Patrick's day ideas I have found on Pinterest......I plan on implementing these fun ideas in the Haney household next month!


Such a cute way to start the day off right for the little ones!


She even included a free printable here.


And what about this cute idea....she included a free printable here.


Another breakfast idea here....


Classic St. Patrick's day dinner.  This recipe is a crockpot recipe.....who doesn't love throwing food in the crockpot and letting that precious little appliance do all of the work??


And for dessert.....adorable cupcakes from here.


One last cute treat idea from here....


 Have a great weekend friends!!