THE STUIO || + a little giveaway

Have I mentioned how much I love having the design studio so close to home?  In Carlton, we lived about 3 blocks from my studio.  Not bad.  But here, it's a 10 second walk.  Awesome.


We do a lot of bike riding on Fridays.  It's fun for the little miss, and we can easily greet customers when they drive up!

I thought I would show you a few photos of the updated studio space.  I still have lots of projects, but at least the space is 'presentable'!


Remember the 'BEFORE'?


We started with new paint on the walls and ceilings and a new {laminate} floor.


The floors have a lot of variation in color which hides dust and dirt well.  And in a working studio, that is a big bonus!


We switched out a few of the lights.  Matt still has to hang a little chandelier in the entry…..always projects ;-)


We have a handful of cabinet doors painted in various Chalk Paint® colors.  I still need to paint 15 more doors!


Not to mention I need to paint another 18 to show all of the MILK PAINT colors!


I painted a few banners on the wall showing the different Chalk Paint® and MILK PAINT colors.


I also have trim pieces painted with each color.  It really helps to see the paint applied in different ways.


Matt was going to build shelves for the wall.  He mentioned using this old hutch top for a shelf instead!  Perfect!  I din't have a use for it, so, I painted/waxed/distressed and it saved him the time of having to build shelves.


Lots of Spring colors!


Do you see how dirty those daffodils are?  Do you know how to get the mud off of the petals??  Every time I try I rip the petals!


And just for fun I thought I would do a little Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint giveaway.  Trying saying that 10 times!!


A bar of spearmint and green tea soap to clean your hands and brush when you are done painting.

A sample size of MUSTARD SEED and KITCHEN SCALE Milk Paint.

Fun, right?  I am limiting this giveaway to local gals.  I want to be able to drop it off and give you tips on how to use Milk Paint {if you have never used it}.  Just leave a comment on the blog telling me what you think you will paint with Milk Paint!  I will draw a winner Sunday and deliver next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

A LITTLE UPDATE || our organized chaos

We survived our move!  It almost got the best of me!!  Packing, cleaning, moving two businesses…. and all with two little helpers was rough.  Matt says our next move will be to a nursing home ;-)

Matt is busily working on making my new studio space 'pretty'!  I am so excited to have the shop/studio so close to home.  I will be able to devote more time and energy into helping customers and painting projects.


This is what the space looked like last week.  It's a really neat space, I can't wait to show you the finished project!


Matt is painting the walls today.  The walls and ceiling will be a really soft gray…..


I got these cuties for the wall mount lights, there are 2 of them going up the stairs.


Matt ripped out the existing carpet and is installing this laminate floor.  We wanted to go with a vinyl or laminate.  Both options are easy to clean and can handle water and paint spills….perfect for a paint studio!!

I have a painting workshop this Saturday, so our goal is to have the space ready by then!


Meanwhile, the rest of the house has 'organized' piles of chaos,


or, it has nothing.

We sold most of our furniture to our home buyers.  I wanted to buy new furniture for this home so it was a win-win for both of us!


Once my shop/studio space is set up, and our Main Street property is set up and functioning as a vacation rental {again} we will start to decorate!  Addilyn's room is first on the decorating calendar!  This is what we have so far….pretty bare bones!

Thanks again for all of your patience.

My design clients have been so patient and gracious, my paint customers have been so understanding, my rock-star of a husband has been busily up-packing and helping around the house.  Addilyn spent all day yesterday with her Grandma and I was able to get so much un-packed. Such a blessing-all of you!

I can't wait to share all of the changes with you guys!  And, I will be offering a new line of paint {in addition to the Chalk Paint®}.  So much great stuff in the works!!!  But, for now I need to get painting!!

MOVING THE STUDIO :: and the vacation rental

I feel like we are always moving/building/creating/changing.  I love it, wouldn't have it any other way.  But, with sweet little kiddos in the mix now, we don't have the bug to always move/build/change.   You know?!?  We still love all of that, just don't want it to take up all of our time.


The new house we are moving into has a great detached garage + upstairs office/studio.

I love working at/creating at the studio.  It's my own little creative space and I love the opportunity to meet new people!  But, it's really hard with two little ones.  So moving the studio to our property is going to be awesome!!  I will have more details about the new studio space once escrow closes {next week}.

With all of the moving changes, we have decided to turn our Main Street property back into a vacation rental.    We have had vacation rentals in Carlton for 6 years now!  Crazy how time flies! This past week, we have been slowly making the changes to turn it back into a vacation rental.


The living room is slowly coming together.

I sold all of furniture last year when we turned this house into a studio {of course}!  So I am buying new furniture and moving things over from our house.


This is what the dining room currently looks like.  Lots of work ahead of us!


I have the kitchen stocked, cleaned and ready for renters!


The kitchen takes me the longest to clean after we have had renters….at least 1 hour!  But nobody wants to vacation at a home with a dirty kitchen!!


Matt still has to build a bed for the upstairs office, and convert the work room back into a bedroom, I have to make changes to the website, yada yada yada.  Seriously, we are crazy!

But, I know in the long run it will be much easier, and I can be more productive, to have the studio where we live.

Life is good, I am so very blessed.  Hard work just keeps me sleeping good at night and not having to work out!

JANUARY :: a busy month


Hello and thank you for bearing with me as I only posted once last week!  I probably won't post much for the next 3-4 weeks, I will be a little busy ;-)


My to-do list includes….

Packing, purging and cleaning our house….and a garage sale this weekend!

Turning our Main Street property back into a vacation rental.  {More on that soon ;-}

Packing up my design studio, I am moving the studio in 3 weeks!  

Updating the website with all of the changes.

Still working on design projects for clients, keeping my children alive and still trying to keep our home somewhat livable.


I love the challenge and I am super excited for this next phase.  I can't wait to fill you in on all the details!


Until then, don't hesitate to call if you want Chalk Paint, I am still happy to meet you if Fridays don't work.  I have the best customers….thank you and I can't wait to share all of the new changes with you!!


I will be back soon!



Hello friends!

Below is an updated HOLIDAY SCHEDULE for happenings at the design studio.  I will be around this week and next week for appointments if you would like to stock up on Chalk Paint®!  The studio won't be open this Friday {11/22} or next Friday {11/28}, but just call/text/email and I will gladly meet you there!

winterschedule copy

So, the upcoming COOKIE EXCHANGE is going to be a lot of fun!!  I know the holidays can get busy, but I thought this would be a fun way to get together with friends and neighbors.


Here are the details ~

DATE ::  Sunday, December 8th, 2013

TIME ::  6:30-7:30

LOCATION  ::  543 West Main Street, Carlton {the design studio/cottage}

WHAT TO BRING  ::  3 dozen cookies ~ 1 dozen to share and 2 dozen to exchange

I will have drinks, appetizers, a packaging station for your sweet treats and a warm, cozy fire ;-)

Hope you can come!!