A BIG GIRL BED || little girl's room

My sweet Savanna turned 4 in April and will start 2 mornings a week of Pre-School this Fall.  It's hard to believe and for the first time in 6 years I will have a little bit of time in the mornings with out little ones!  Every night after she gets tucked into bed, she comes out and asks if she has to go to school.  She wants to wait until she is 5, she wants to stay home with mama.  Bless.  

So, we gave her room a little make-over and she upgraded from a Twin mattress to a Queen bed..all in preparation for heading to school this Fall. :)


A few months ago I purchased a dresser to paint for the shop, this headboard was part of the package deal.  I just wanted the dresser, so the headboard was basically free ;)  I removed the damaged paneling in the center and painted the piece with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (Bergere and Linen).  I sealed the paint with Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat.

The sweet pink bedding is Pottery Barn kids and I purchased it from a dear friend's garage sale a couple of months ago.  The rest of the bedding was extra from the cottage!  

galley wall
up close
gallery wall

We did a little gallery wall of some new and collected art and trinkets.  I just purchased the water color from a local artist who had a booth at the Farmer's Market, I love that it ties all of the colors together!  Savanna painted the little fox on the shelf and her little silhouette is from 3 years ago!

lamp wall

The yellow lamp was actually in my stash of extra lamps. Do you have a stash closet?  I do, one with extra pillows, inserts, lamps and such.  If I keep in contained in a closet I don't feel like such a hoarder!  Anyways,  I painted the base with Chalk Paint (Arles) and sealed it with clear wax.  I am on the hunt for a whimsical lamp shade, but for now the white linen shade will do.  I also found these darling baskets with scalloped linens and lids from Ballard Designs.  I love them!!!  I can find places all over the house for them.....yikes!

painted door

We painted her closet door and added some polka dots....the room was starting to feel a bit too 'grown up'.  She is very much a fun, spunky, full-of-life 4 year old so the polka dots help add a bit or whimsy to her room.  She also got new bamboo shades!  I love the warmth and texture it adds to the room.  Her original blinds were broken and the window is so large, it caused me too much drama every night when I would go to close them!  Eventually I would love to add more bamboo shades, but we have nice white blinds that were here when we bought and I just can't justify replacing them at this point.

That chalk board wall is a really fun part of her room too!  The girls love to draw pictures and Addilyn will leave little hand written notes for Savanna, it's pretty sweet.  The chalk dust does get a little messing, but nothing a wet rag can't clean up!

If you have any specific questions, please email me or ask in the comments, I am more than happy to answer!

Happy weekend friends!

removable wallpaper || little girl's bedroom

So, I have wanted to add some wallpaper to Addilyn's room for a while, it's just been low on the priority list.  Well, I finally pulled the trigger and on Sunday afternoon, the girls and I installed the sweetest, removable wallpaper.  Can you believe that?!?  It's removable.  No messing up the walls when you want a change and pretty easy to install!! wallpaper




I have slowly collected and painted things for her room, all things that match her striped Dash + Albert rug.  It's just the sweetest rug with cheerful, fun, girly colors.  I wanted the wallpaper to match what was already going on in her room.....




The girls are at such a fun and sweet age.  We sure have fun together!  Even hanging wallpaper....although we had our moments ;-)


This is Ted.  Matt gave Addilyn Teddy Bear for her first Christmas.  She sleeps with Ted every night, so sweet.  Ted is quite worn and very well loved, and wears some pretty dresses....



dresserI just love how bright and cheerful her little room is.  In case you are curious....

Dresser: painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, FLOW BLUE.  Lightly distressed and sealed with clear wax.

Stool: vintage

Metal Bed: vintage.  Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 1 part OLD WHITE and 1 part ARLES.  Sealed with clear wax.

Writing Desk: vintage. Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, OLD WHITE and SCANDINAVIAN PINK.  Lightly distressed and sealed with clear wax.

Chair: vintage. Painted with Miss Mustard Seed LUCKETTS GREEN.  Lightly distressed and sealed with clear wax.

Night Stand: painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, OLD WHITE, lightly distressed and sealed with clear wax.

Wallpaper: removable wallpaper from WALLS NEED LOVE, LOTUS print.  

a little fall decorating || at the cottage

I haven't been in the mood yet for Fall decorating. I think it hit me as September approached, that my baby was going to be in school all.day.long.  Of course I have my moments of frustration and exhaustion, but I really enjoy spending time with my girls.  I just wasn't ready for school to start, and in my book that meant not being ready for Fall decorating!  Now we are in the swing of our school schedule and my kindergartener loves school!  Savanna and I are having so much fun, just the two of us!  The weather is starting to change, as are the leaves, and I am finally feeling ready to add a few Fall touches.



After dropping Addilyn off at school, Savanna and I headed to the cottage to do a little Fall decorating.  We just added things that we took from the shop....pillows, faux pumpkins and mums.






This was happening the entire time I was taking pictures.  This child is so full of life, energy and just pure crazy!  She was fluffing pillows, re-arranging pumpkins, moving flowers like she was the boss.



We took a few pictures inside too, I will post those soon.  In the mean time, here are a few details......

-Twig Wreath  | available at the shop, $75

-Faux Pumpkins, various sizes | available at the shop, ranging from $16-$30

-Les Indiennes Pillows | available at the shop

-The wood porch was painted 4 years ago with Chalk Paint®.  It has weathered and aged just perfectly!  We used the color GRAPHITE and COUNTRY GREY.

The andiron deck chairs were purchased 'raw' and we used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (color TROPHY) to make a wash.  They look naturally grayed out and have held up perfectly!

THE PLAYROOM || progress

So the 'to-do' list is never ending, as well as the grocery list, the 'project' list, the 'friends we would like to have over for dinner' list and so on.  I have always been a list maker.  But, shortly after we moved in February, I realized the lists had a bit too much control over my mind and my attitude.  What's with that?  That's not how I wanted to live.  I wasn't leaving room in the margins, and if someone or something came between me and crossing off an item on my list, I was snappy.  Not so fun to be around!

All of our house projects are taking a lot longer than we anticipated.  We have hit some speed bumps with the house, but that is just part of any remodeling project!  But you know what?  I have let go of the lists (not all of them ;-))) and it doesn't bother me that the house projects are taking longer.  A lot of things don't bother me like they use to.  This 'letting go' business turns out to be really good for my heart.  And my family appreciates a wife/mama who isn't so project oriented all.of.the.time.

I thought I would post a few photos of the play room.  It's taken quite a while to get to this point, and it will still take me at least another month to get it finished.  But, it's further along than it was when we moved in {wink}.






There is no natural light in this space, so it's hard for an amateur like me to get decent photos!  You can see I still have a lot to do!

I am curious to see how the door knobs turn out.  They don't lock, they act as a handle to open the doors.  Once I paint the oak doors, I will wax the doors and the door knobs, I will let you know how it turns out.

The flooring all comes up soon so I am trying to paint everything now while it doesn't matter if paint gets on the floor.  In the mean time, the girls love playing in the space and I can't wait to get it finished for them.  There is something so sweet about siblings playing together, even if it only lasts for 30 seconds at a time ;-)

BLACK DOORS :: and a little bling

 Matt and I have been married 11 years.  It really does seem like we were just married…..time sure flies!  When we were newlyweds, our heated discussions were usually about family, work or money.  Geesh, I was a selfish young bride!  Thank goodness those heated discussions are pretty few and far in between.  Do you know what most of our heated discussions are about now?

Homes and spaces.  

It sounds really shallow.  Like maybe that's the only thing we are passionate about.  But, I assure you that's not the case!  I could really get into boring details here, but I will spare you.

A few days ago, we had heated discussion….it went a little like this.


Me : What do you think about me painting the interior doors {at the new house} black?  And maybe adding some pretty glass door knobs?

Matt : I don't think you should paint them.  If I have time, I would like to make new doors. INSERT me rolling my eyes.

Me :  When are you going to find time to just widdle up 8-10 interior doors.  I think painting them would look great.


Matt :  It could look great, or REALLY BAD.  If you don't want me to make them, then I think we should buy new doors.

Me : I think that's a little over kill, do we really need to buy all new doors?  I just wanted to paint them and add pretty hardware.

Matt : What do you mean 'add pretty hardware?'  You started out with wanting to paint the doors.

Me : Yes, but you can't paint them and not add new hardware.

Black door 2image

Matt : OK, well that is going to get expensive.  So, if you don't want to do ANY OTHER improvements, we can buy new doors and hardware.

Me : Are you talking about buying doors made of solid gold? What do you mean we can't do ANY OTHER improvements?

Matt : If we are going to do it, I want to do it right.


Me : Well, what if we buy 1 door and handle set at a time?  We can change it out as I finish {decorating} each room.

Matt : No, if I am going to have to paint or finish doors, I want to do them all at once.  Plus, I want to change out all of the hardware at once.

Me : How about you don't worry about it and you just let me do my thing.

Matt : Under his breath 'it's going to look like cra*'.


Me : I don't need your help.  I was just being polite by asking your opinion.  I will do it ALL myself.

Matt : You know how to change out door knobs?

Me : Yes, plus I have my own tools, I can figure it out.


Matt : You know what?  You are right, we can just do 1 at a time.  You can try painting them, and if you don't like how they turn out, we can just replace them one at a time.


He is a good man.

Pictures to follow, after we move in ;-)

Have you painted your interior doors a color other than white?



I am working with some clients who just purchased a second home.  The home is in really great shape.  It's simple, but really clean.  They will be decorating the home with extra furniture pieces they already own. But, they wanted some help decorating their new master bathroom {and bedroom}.  They don't have anything for those two rooms so we get to start from scratch!

 I thought I would share the fun sample board that serves as our 'road map' for the bathroom.


We are going with white walls, and the floors are already white tile, the bathroom will feel light and bright.  Which is good because it is really small!

Here are a few inspiring white bathrooms….



Pretty bathrooms!

Hopefully I will have some fun 'after' pictures to share with you!!


I have been pretty busy with various design jobs, but not really any jobs that make for good 'before and after' photos.  Offices, bathrooms, material selections, etc., spaces or things that just don't photograph well.  Matt has been busy with drawing plans and various jobs that just don't photograph well either! But, in the next few months I will have some great photos to share with you!!

So today, I just have a little of this and that…..


My goal for the next month is to paint all of the random pieces that I have been collecting, but haven't taken the time to paint.


I must be craving some blue in my life! This morning I realized that the pieces I have been painting over the last few days are all blue.


I have also been working on painting cabinet doors with Chalk Paint®.  It really helps to have a big chunk of color when deciding on what color to use for a project!


My little helper!


I made Pioneer Woman's pretzel turtles this morning.  They are REALLY good!  Mine don't look as pretty as her's, but they sure taste good!


They are perfect little treats for delivering with Christmas cards.


I need to give them away because I am afraid I will eat them all!


We carry DASH & ALBERT rugs at the Studio….I love them!


I am going to use this rug in Addilyn's new bedroom.  I am also going to move the dresser from the master bedroom into her bedroom.  Don't you love the green dresser next to the rug?!? So fun!


I am going to paint Addilyn's bed and night stand 'SCANDINAVIAN PINK'.  I think it will be a fun pop of color!  Pictures coming soon!

Until then, have a great week!!

ADDILYN'S NEW ROOM :: a toddler's room

Hi friends!

Remember this post I wrote last week?  Well, you won't believe what has transpired in the last 7 days.  I will go into more detail in the next few weeks, but for now, just know it has been pure craziness {in a good way} at the Haney household.  My shift has focused from re-decorating our master bedroom, to cleaning/packing/organizing because we are going to be moving soon!

One of the many things I am excited about, is that the girls will each have their own room.  Now, since my head has been whirling with decorating ideas, I figured it might help calm my crazy mind if I start getting ideas on paper. I thought you might enjoy seeing the ideas too!?!


Here is a snap shot of the look I am going for in Addilyn's room.

Bright, fun, bold and a bit eclectic, just like my girl!


When we moved back into our house {almost 2 years ago} I didn't take the time to decorate Addilyn's room.  I just used what we had, and knew in a few years we would start working on built-ins and really take the time to decorate.


I love the bright colors in her room now, but I am going to go even brighter!  I think it will fit her bright and bold personality perfectly!


And, just for kicks, a picture of her darling little Christmas tree.  Please don't mind the tree stand….we found an old pot, filled it with sand and water and it works perfectly ;-)

Next post, ideas for sweet Savanna's room…...


MASTER BEDROOM :: time to give it some style

We bought our little 'fixer' almost 8 years ago.  Wow, time really does fly, it feels like just yesterday!!  After remodeling and living in it for about 3 years, we moved out and turned it into a vacation rental while me moved into another 'fixer' and remodeled it.  We moved back into our house almost 2 years ago.  Anyways, the point being, when we moved back in, I was going to take the time to fix up each room exactly how I wanted it.

Then, I got pregnant with my little sweet pea and was dog sick the entire pregnancy.  Well, now that we are all sleeping a little better in the Haney household, I have a bit more energy to try to tackle decorating some of the rooms in our home.  Also, I have been really busy with work.  I find I need {and crave} my home to be organized and enjoyable, seems to make me a much happier girl!

The first room on my list is going to be our master bedroom, which I am sure will lead into re-decorating our master bathroom. ;-)

bedroom2 copyThe bedroom pictured above is my inspiration photo.

I love so many different styles!  Do you have that problem too?  However, I feel the style of the bedroom pictured goes perfectly with the look/feel/style of the rest of our home.  I am going to have Navy blue as the accent color {instead of green}.  I love the green pictured, but I already have a great blue rug and blue runs through the rest of our home.


This is the view from our bathroom.  Our bedroom is pretty small, our King size bed takes up a lot of space.  Did you know our master bedroom use to be the kitchen?  And our bathroom use to be the laundry room?  Crazy!!


The walls are currently a light blue.  I am going to paint the walls white, to match the trim and really lighten the room up.


I am going to add bamboo blinds {and take away the curtains} and find a different dresser.


I am going to get new bedding.....I am thinking all white with a couple of bold, blue pillows.


I am going to re-paint the bathroom white too.


As you can see, it's a small {and cozy} space.  I am excited to re-do this area!!

Hopefully I can have it finished before Christmas, I will keep you posted!!