TV CABINET :: to build or not to build


Matt has designed and built numerous TV cabinets for different clients.  As you all know, custom built-ins can make such a difference in a living space!  When we remodeled our home, we talked about doing an entire wall of cabinetry in the living room.  But, life happens and living room cabinetry falls to the bottom of the priority list. IMG_2967 So, we use this cabinet.

It has served it's purpose well.  It's nothing fancy or custom.


It holds cozy blankets, electronics, bibles and books that we are currently reading.


Matt modified the door {with wire mesh} so that the remote can still register with the electronics.


It works just great.

I vote that we save our money, time and energy for a summer vacation.

But talk to me this winter and my answer may be different {wink}!