SWEET TREAT :: home made ice cream sandwiches

We love ice cream at the Haney house.

We also love home made cookies.

The highlight of my day is {usually} snuggling on the couch with my handsome hubby and eating a big bowl of ice cream and a cookie {or two}.  I know it's not a healthy habit, but it sure is one of my favorite habits!


This weekend, I combined two of  my {many} loves and made

peanut butter and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

I used this peanut butter cookie recipe, but I left out the chocolate chips.


I usually have my frozen chocolate chip cookie dough on hand, so I thought we would make chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches too.  You know, so we can compare which cookie/ice cream combo we prefer ;-)


I made a fresh batch of my honey vanilla ice cream.

It's seriously the easiest ice cream to make....and it always tastes so good!

When you are making ice cream sandwiches, it's easiest to let the ice cream soften a bit, then scoop it into a baking dish.  I wanted my ice cream centers about 1/2" thick, so I spread the ice cream about 1/2" thick over the entire dish.  Toss it back in the freezer.  When you are ready to assemble your sandwiches, cut the ice cream into the same shape/size of your cookie.  Layer them up, then pop them back into the freezer until you are ready to indulge!


This summer, we will experiment with different cookie and ice cream flavors.  Until then, I am quite happy with the simple, but classic flavors of vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate chip!

Do you have a favorite ice cream sandwich combination??