THE DESIGN STUDIO :: things are always changing


I am having so much fun at the Design Studio on Fridays!  It has been such a treat to meet so many sweet and creative ladies.  Part of the fun, is that I am always changing things up and adding to the space.  These pictures are from a few weeks ago and they are already so dated!!


I have already changed the front porch since I took this picture, but I will have a long ways to go until I get it 'right where I want it'.  


I have an order of candles due to arrive any day.  These COCO & BUBBLES candles have been so popular....and for good reason!  They burn clean, smell fabulous and at $18.50 each, they are a great buy!


I am really excited about the party supplies!

I love to throw a party, and it is especially fun when you have cute products!!  I have some really great new items due to arrive in the studio over the next few weeks.  I will be sure to keep you posted!


Once we get past the 'newborn stage' with baby Savanna, I plan on having fun drinks and treats each Friday.

 **side note** I have absolutely no desire to rush through the 'newborn stage'!!  I love cuddling with my sweet little girl and am trying to savor every moment of her sweetness!  So sweet friends, it may be a while until I have the drinks and treats on Friday because I just don't want my little one to grow up!

OK friends...that's all for now!  Go and have a wonderful weekend!!