OUR HOME :: living room + kitchen

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Last week Matt and I had a fun interview.  The interviewer asked if I had photos of our home on the blog.....oops.....I realized I don't have many photos of our home!  Soooo, I thought I would post a few over the next couple of weeks.  It's a great incentive for me to tidy up and finish a few projects!

We renovated our home almost 9 years ago. but I will share those photos and details on another post.

Today, I thought I would share our living room and kitchen.


We have a long hallway/entryway.  When you 'round the corner', the space opens up to our living room and kitchen.


My oh-so-talented hubby built the cabinets.  They have held up really well to all of the abuse I give them.  But, we do plan on repainting them this winter...


When we remodeled this home, we were young newlyweds with a small budget.

I would have done things a little differently if our budget had allowed.  Our one splurge in the kitchen, was the 36" dual-fuel WOLF oven.  I use that baby everyday and I am so glad we scraped our pennies for her!


I LOVE my island!  Matt milled down quarter-sawn white oak to make a countertop that can comfortably seat six.


This is a hard working island!

If I am not using it for cooking, we are eating at it, doing crafts on it, or some other ridiculously, crazy project.


You can see the microwave is tucked into the island.  I love that it is out of eye sight, but still easy to use.


When we repaint the cabinetry this winter, I am thinking of painting the island a lighter color.  What do you think?  Stay dark, or lighten it up a bit?


The kitchen opens right up to the living room.  This space truly is the heart of our home!


I am always changing out the pillows.  I have a ridiculous stash!


I usually sew my own pillow covers.  It's less expensive than always buying new, and I can pick the perfect fabric for the look I want.  I found these pillows at Pier 1 and I had to snag them!  Sometimes a girl just wants to buy a pillow and not have to sew:-)


Love fresh flowers in the house, especially sunflowers!


I am always changing out the decorations on the mantel.  As soon as Autumn arrives, I will change everything up again!


This window seat is Addilyn's favorite area.


We keep toys and books in the open cubbies.  Kids can easily get to the toys, and I can easily throw them back in the baskets at the end of the day.


It's a great little 'kids' corner that is tucked to the side of the living room.  It can get messy, but it's out of the main walking path, so it's not a big deal to have books and toys scattered about.


The living room leads to our new covered deck.  I love that the covered deck almost doubled our living space!


And, just in case you thought I was neglecting my sweet-peas during my little photo session, they were right there in the middle of it ;-)


We love us some Sesame Street at our house.  Addilyn gets to watch TV for an hour, and I get some work done...it's a win-win for both of us!

Thanks for taking a peek into our little home.  Come back next week for more photos!  Until then, have a lovely day!