BEFORE & AFTER :: the back deck

As you may remember, I showed a few photos of our recently finished back deck.  Matt still had some details to finish, but I was excited to post some photos.  Well, yesterday he finished the back deck!


See how tall the deck is off of the ground?  Well, for months now, this area has just been open {and ugly}.


We couldn't put siding back up because it would trap the moisture and just be a big, yucky problem down the road.  We still wanted to be able to use the space for firewood storage, so we needed something accessible, yet pretty to look at.


Matt built this trellis our of cedar.  It will turn a soft gray as it weathers.  He is going to spread bark dust under the deck, so when you do peek through, you see a nice clean layer of bark.


When I watch Matt work, he makes everything look so effortless.  This would look awful if I attempted to try it!


It truly is one of my favorite spots to sit and relax.


We eat dinner out here almost every night!


I needed something between the windows so I made these two signs from cabinet doors {we have a few extras laying around}!  Next week I will do a 'non-tutorial' on how I made the signs, they were super easy!


The garden is growing like crazy!


And I can't forget to share a photo of my little assistant!