MATT'S HOME OFFICE || the next project

Hello!  I hope you had a fun and restful weekend!

As you may have noticed, I have been tackling the small rooms in our new home.  I feel very overwhelmed at decorating  and furnishing a 4200 s.f. home, especially when we sold 90% of our furniture to our home buyers!

I love, love, love creating and decorating.  But, with little ones, the time I can spend on my own home is so limited…, the little rooms are providing me instant gratification ;-)

The next 'little room' on the list is Matt's office.


It's a darling little room right off of the living room.

It's got it's own entrance, a closet and a fireplace.  It's lacking good lighting, but that's a project for down the road.  Until then, I will add lighting with table lamps and a floor lamp.


This is one of my inspiration photos.  I want this room to feel masculine, but still flow with the rest of our home.


Beautiful tufted leather furniture is not in the budget for the office.  But paint and accessories are!  Matt's really pushing for the bear skin…..


We are going to paint the wood shelves white.  See those two little patches of drywall under the windows?  We are going to paint those white too, then the entire wall will look built in.  The walls will be a dark, rich blue, I will post the name of the color when I show 'AFTER' photos.


We are replacing the interior doors with a 3 panel door that will be painted black.  Very masculine….right?!?  Matt is going to build a desk.  We can't seem to agree on what desk will fit, so, he decided to build his own….


I think I am going to get this floor lamp.  Remember when I said I felt overwhelmed at needing to furnish and decorate our new home?  Well, on the flip side, it's really fun to get to buy new items and find used treasures to re-purpose.  If we hadn't sold our furniture, I would be working with what we had.  So I guess it's a blessing {in disguise}.

The new hall lights arrived Friday, I can't wait to show you what we are doing in the hallway!

Until then, I am off to go paint night stands I bought for our bedroom.  I have about 30 minutes left in Savanna's nap time, so I bet get moving ;-)