Chalk Paint® :: summer workshops

So, my little assistant has been helping stock and decorate the design studio.  She is quite entertaining!  Although the process would go much faster without her help,  she brings such joy and laughter to the table, it would be too boring without her help!


I just finalized the Chalk Paint® decorative paint summer workshop schedule.   It's going to be so fun!!  If you haven't used Chalk Paint before, you  are in for a real treat!  It is a easy and unique paint, one that almost guarantees amazing results each time.  Seriously!


For anyone attending one of the workshops from out of town, we are happy to offer a 25% discount off of their nightly stay at the Loft!  Pretty fun.....right?!?


If you have questions, or would like more details, feel free to call or email!!  I will post some fun 'BEFORE + AFTER' Chalk Paint pieces later in the week.

Until then, have a lovely day....