ICED COFFEE :: made at home

I don't know about you, but come 3ish in the afternoon, I am craving something sweet.

My go to afternoon treat is usually a home made iced coffee.  The recipe is from the ever so talented Pioneer Woman.  I don't often have time to read through her blog, but when I do, I always walk away laughing and feeling inspired.


Iced Coffee ::

1/2 pound of good ground coffee

1 gallon of filtered water

milk, half & half

chocolate syrup

ice cubes

:: Grind 1/2 pound of coffee beans.  In a large bowl {or container} pour in your ground coffee, add 1 gallon of filtered water.  Stir the coffee and water together.  Cover with lid or dishtowel and let it sit for 8-24 hours.

Take a fine mesh strainer, or add a couple of layers of cheesecloth to a larger stainer.  Slowly pour the coffee mixture through the stainer.  Be sure to not let any coffee grounds escape through the strainer, I know from experience.....iced coffee doesn't taste good if you are chewing coffee grounds!

Store the coffee goodness in your refrigerator.  It will last a few weeks, although, I go through mine much faster than that!  

When you are ready to make a drink::

Fill your glass with ice.

Fill your cup 1/2 full with the coffee goodness.

Top off your cup with milk, 1/2 & 1/2, or a little bit of both.  

If you like a little sweetness, add some chocolate syrup, or any flavored syrup, and then give it a good stir.

I usually add some whip cream to mine.....

And there you have it, the perfect iced coffee!


PS ~ If you want really detailed instructions, pop over to Pioneer Woman's blog.  She is much funnier and more detailed than I am!!