BEFORE + AFTER :: our dining room furniture

 Happy Tuesday friends!

I thought I would show you a few photos of our dining room furniture.  I am in the middle of re-decorating {or really just shopping the house and re-arranging} our dining room.

Confession ::  I would love to buy a long, rustic dining room table.  Pair it with linen slip covered chairs and I would be a happy girl.  But,  it's hard to justify that when we have a dining room set that works just great!

I thought I would try painting our furniture to see if I would like it a little better.  If I hadn't been introduced to Chalk Paint®, I would have never dreamed of tackling our dining room furniture!  What a pain!  Sanding, priming, several coats of painting, yucky fumes.....just doesn't sound appealing.  However, with the ease and beauty of Chalk Paint®, I was willing to give it a try.


I tried a coat of 'French Linen' on the table top.  I was curious to see how well it would cover.


Two coats of paint on the top, and I was convinced it was worth it to paint it!


I painted the table top and bench a gray...."French Linen".  The chairs and base of the table are painted a soft white..."Old White".


Sweet little Pea was quite the helper.

She happily slept in the swing and gave me a solid two hours of painting time!


I distressed the edges and table top.  I wanted the original black to show through,  but just a little bit.


I applied a coat of Clear Wax, and called it good!


The table, bench and six chairs, took about eight hours to complete.

Start to finish.

And, I was able to do the entire project right in the dining room!  I am so lazy when it comes to painting.....yet another reason I love this paint!


I still have a ways to go until I get the dining room put back together, but at least the furniture is painted...


 and the table is set!

Now all I need to do is prepare dinner!