opening the shop || MD HANEY & CO. H O M E

My sweet hubby has been working his tail off to get the new shop space ready for business!  You may remember the BEFORE pictures, the space was dated, dirty and dark.  Now it's light, bright and airy with a lot of really fun features.  I will post soon on some of the work that we did! Anyways, last week was L O N G and we worked H A R D but come Saturday morning, all of the hard work paid off.  I was so incredibly blessed by everyone who came to support us!!!  A sweet friend from church snapped some photos shortly after we opened on Wednesday morning and I think she did a fabulous job!




We installed new hard wood flooring and Matt added moldings, beams and some really fun architectural features!



My sweet hubby also built these fabulous shelves!  We didn't want to block off the windows, the natural lighting in this part of the shop is amazing.  He built these shelves so the view is not blocked from the inside or outside, and I can pile high the inventory!











Can you believe these walls?!?  That wood is original to the house!  The guys started removing drywall and found this wood.  It's really amazing!  We found it throughout the house.  Again, I will do another post soon on what we did to the building.  We still have a lot to do, but we were able to get enough done to open our doors last weekend.

Thanks again for all of the encouragement and support!  Such a blessing!!  God is good and His timing is always perfect!  The new shop hours are WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY, 10am-5pm.  The address is 636 NE Baker Street, McMinnville.


I thought I would post a few photos of the many projects we have going on around our home.  We have lived here a year now, and I honestly thought we would be  a lot further along on our projects.  But, Matt is working on things as he has extra time and after 12 years of renovating homes, I am finally learning to just go with it!  To love the place I am in, no matter how it looks.  Not to mention that this property is amazing and we feel so blessed to call this place home!! IMG_5265



I finally finished pealing the wallpaper off of the top half of the walls.  One day soon I will post how I removed most of the wallpaper.  I jot an awesome tip from a blog reader and it worked perfectly!!!  My dear husband is going to panel the bottom five feet of the wall.  He is also going to cut an opening/doorway into the wall which will open up to the stairs/entry wall.  The walls are plaster and I did a great job of jacking up the walls with the scraper.  Oopsie!  Matt is going to apply a skim coat of plaster over the top half of the wall.  I will paint it and this room will be finished!



**Just look at that cute face!  We won't mentioned how he has already stained the brand new oak stair treads with doggie slobber….it's a bit of a sore subject**







One project leads to another!  As soon as Matt gets something done in the basement, it leads to something else needing repaired or addressed!  However, he is making progress!  Matt will install paneling on one of the stairwell walls and he is going to open the other wall up with balusters, which will tie in with the dining room and the powder room……and you see how everything leads to another project! Which, by the way, we both love!


And the barn is almost finished!  Matt still needs to build a sliding door for the front of the barn and a garage door for the basement storage area, and of course he has to finished the driveway parking area.  But, this is one project that is almost ready to be marked off the list ;-)

Within the next two weeks we will be starting a home renovation for an out-of-town client so I will have some great 'before pictures' to show you soon!  And hopefully some 'after' pictures of projects on our home ;-)