I bet most ladies love chalk boards as much as I do!

They are so fun and come in every shape, size and color.  Perfect for menus, quotes, directions….anything looks a little sweeter when written on a chalk board.  I love to make chalk boards!  If you haven't made one, here are a couple of easy tips to make your own chalkboard….on virtually any surface!


I usually use cabinet doors for my chalkboards (mostly because we always have a few extra lying around).  But, I have seen some darling chalkboards made on serving trays, platters, windows, walls and more.  Just use what you have (or find at Goodwill)!


I usually have 1-2 quarts of chalkboard paint on hand.  You never know when the inspiration might strike ;-)  I typically paint the frame of the cabinet door.  I use Chalk Paint® and wax.  It's super easy and I know it will cover beautifully.  I sand whatever I am painting, and then give it a good wipe down.  You don't want any dust in your paint!


After I have painted the frame, I tape the edges.  It's so hard to get a straight line without taping.  It usually takes 2-3 coats of the chalkboard paint.  Each brand of chalkboard paint has their specific directions, the brand I had requires 4 hours dry time before re-coating.


Once the chalkboard paint is completely dry, you will need to prime the chalkboard.  Rub the chalk in both directions to completely cover the chalkboard surface.  This ensures that the writing will not stay imprinted into the chalkboard.  Here is a picture of when I primed Savanna's chalkboard wall.


I have a lot of chalk boards scattered through out the house, and a few for sale at every event. I am out of 'extra' cabinet doors so I am going to have to start getting creative!  This one is for a customer's granddaughter's room….so fun for a little girl to have her own little space to create!

Have a great week!!


Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend!!

I get a lot of emails and questions about painting with ChalkBoard Paint.  {Not to be confused with Chalk Paint}.  ChalkBoard Paint is the paint that turns almost anything into a chalk board.  It can be purchased at almost any hardware or big box store.  I always have a quart {or two or three} hanging around!  Chalk boards are so fun! I love that they can turn anything ordinary, into something fun and unique.


You have probably noticed I have a lot of chalk boards around my house….I guess it's my 'old house' now. ;-)


And chalk board walls {my old office}….


I love the look, and they are really fun for kids!


I have quite a few tucked in here and there at the shop too!

Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned from painting with ChalkBoard Paint…..


~ Cut in along walls and base, just like any other latex paint.  The consistency is a bit thicker than most latex, but treat it just like you are painting a wall or piece of furniture with a latex paint.


~ Always apply 2 coats, and be sure to wait 24 hours between coats, and then another 24 hours before priming the surface with chalk.


~ Most importantly, always 'prime' the painted surface.  By priming, I mean run chalk vertically and horizontally across the entire surface.  Then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.  If you don't prime your newly painted wall or furniture piece, your chalk writing will be etched into your new chalk board.  After it's been primed, you can write and draw to your heart's desire, then easily erase.  Make sure to prime, I learned this the hard way!!


I know chalk boards may just be a trend, but I have loved them for years and imagine I will love them for years to come!