BEFORE + AFTER :: a sidewalk treasure

 A few weeks ago, I was on my early morning walk.  I walked past a neighbor's house and she had just set out a dresser with a FREE sign on it!  I promptly walked my little self home, grabbed the car and wen to pick it up.  It's kind of funky, but I have been looking for a little drink station in the dining room.  I figured it was free, so if I don't like it, it's no big deal!


You can see the side of my little helper in this picture.  She seems to think anytime the camera is out, it's to take a picture of her!


I used Chalk Paint® to paint this little guy.  I mixed 1 part Pure White and 1 part Arles.

dresser hardware

I applied a coat of Clear Wax and then a coat of Dark Wax.


I painted the existing brass knobs Graphite and then applied a Dark Wax.


I added a mirror and a little drink basket, then loaded the drawers with linens.  I am sure I will change things up soon, but this is a start ;-)  I don't love it, but it will serve just fine until I find something I do love!


Next week I will snap some photos of the dining room and share them.  But, girls are sleeping so I better get some work done!!  Oh, and I have to meet the delivery man at the studio soon, I have a really fun package arriving later today, I can't wait to share all about it!