PROGRESS || an update on the custom cabinetry job

For those of you that I talk to on a weekly bases, or even "here or there", you know that Matt has been working on a HUGE custom cabinetry job for the past six months.  The clients are the kindest, sweetest people and they have really good taste!  I thought I would post some progress photos of the cabinetry. bittner2

Can you believe the kitchen hood?  Matt came up with the design and I thinks it's amazing!  He had the metal fabricated and he made the corbels from the same reclaimed beam that he used to trim out the bottom of the hood.


These built-ins are in the dining room.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the glass is seeded and the wood paneling in the black cabinet is all reclaimed wood.


This kitchen is truly stunning!  Matt made the kitchen island in two pieces, it's made out of reclaimed wood {or course ;-} and finished with four coats of sealer.


Matt made this mantel from a reclaimed beam.  This is in their living room and it will get cabinetry on both sides of the fireplace.


This guest bathroom vanity is one of my favorite pieces!  It's so simple and yet so classy!!  It's made out guessed it....reclaimed wood!


Here is a shot of one of the kitchen walls.  The view out that kitchen window is amazing!!

I hope to get some photos of the finished space within the next month of so.  Matt still has some hardware and shelves to install, and then he will start work on the custom cabinetry in the office and a custom dining room table.  I promise to post pictures's a beauty, that's for sure!!