OUR HOME :: my home office

Good morning!

Well, as I mentioned last week, I am trying to be better about snapping photos of our home and projects I am working on.  Today I thought I would show you a few photos of my little home office.  It's a hard working little room with a lot of bright light.... and a squeaky old wood floor....and I love it!

office view

Our home office is just at the front of the house, only a few steps from the front door.

office door

When we remodeled our home, we thought having the home office near the front door would be great in case we ever met clients there.  We never meet clients here, but I still love where it's located ;-)


This is usually where I spend  at least 2 hours every afternoon while the girlies are napping.


We get fabulous lighting in this room.  A major bonus when you are attempting to get work done!  I found some great organizing pieces at Staples, Martha Stewart has a fun line of office products.  I just noticed Staples has 40% off of Miss Martha's line of products, but this week only!  I might have to make a late night run because I can never be too organized!!


Speaking of organization, I am old school and still like to write things in my calendar.  I am sure some day I will know how to enter dates into my phone....


One wall of the office is painted in Chalkboard paint.  It provides a lot of entertainment for little hands!

cozy chair

I also have a cozy reading chair.  It was never intended for the office, but when we moved back into this home, we didn't have any other place for it!

sewing machine

Matt built me some fun shelves that flank two of the four walls.  They provide a lot of extra storage without making the tiny room feel even smaller.


I have random cubbies and trays for all types of little trinkets!


And a basket filled with little 'tools'.

wrapping station

I threw this little 'wrapping station' together one morning when I was wrapping birthday gifts for Matt.  It's a bit rinky-dink, but it keeps my wrapping paper from getting wrinkled!

flooring samples

I usually have piles of flooring/wall covering/fabric samples all over.  I typically just have 1-2 design jobs going at a time, but I sure seem to clutter up my limited counter space in no time!

Speaking of clutter, I better get to work!  Thanks for taking a look-sie at my little home office.