KID'S PLAYROOM || my list of necessities

Last weekend,  Matt passed the 'point of no return' with our home remodel.  He started moving windows and doors, pulling down drywall and lighting and more.  It's definitely a series of 'one thing leads to another'.  I feel like we continue to change our mind the longer we live here!  We always recommend clients live in their space for a while before we start designing and remodeling.  It's really hard to take my own advice, but I really believe it pays off!


One of the bigger projects on my summer TO-DO list, is to turn this room in the basement into a kid's playroom.  It's a long space and it's perfect for a playroom.  It's tucked away from the rest of the living space, which translates in YOU DON"T SEE THE MESS ALL OF THE TIME.


The only 'big' things we will be doing in this room, are painting and new flooring.  For flooring, we still haven't decided on carpet or vinyl/marmolium.  I continue to agonize.  I have such sympathy when I am helping clients in their home, it can be so hard to decide on a material/paint color/layout/etc.!  We all want to make the right choice the first time.  Right?  Definitely don't want to waste time and money re-doing something!  Uggg.


So, before I get my paint brush out, I am working on a list of play room necessities.  Creative areas that I think are necessary for our play room.  I want to inspire my girls to be creative and imaginative.  A space where kids can go play and I don't worry about safety or messes.  I guess that's what we all want in a playroom!


I found this GREAT blog post on how to set up a playroom.  It's written by a teacher and has super tips and ideas!


I am loving the bright colors in this room!  Doesn't it just make you happy?  I am definitely going for bright colors and a good dash of whimsey in our playroom!


Love this darling sign.  I am finding some great art work to order from Etsy.  Sometimes it's just better to order things instead of trying to make everything ;-)  Says the girl who has a hard time taking her own advice…..


Of course I love the chalkboard wall in this room!  As well as every other detail.  Can you believe those polka-dots on the ceiling?  I am about to break out in hives just thinking about painting polka-dots on the ceiling, but they sure are darling!


Love the maps and definitely want to add those to the wall (Etsy).

1a862c2f70dd33e35f787fdb92fb2a37Who doesn't love all of the fun subway style signs?!?


We have a perfect closet to create a fun reading nook.  I think that is one of the things I am most excited about for this space!  I will probably kick the girls out and cozy up in there by myself.


I just love walls with books.  Both girls love to be read to, and look at books.  I definitely want to cultivate that love for reading.  A wall and/or book nook sure seems like a great way to do that ;-)


Another combination of my two favorite things….chalkboards and books!


Look at this great idea for a coffee table top.  How great is that?


And I will stop here, I could go on and on.  Don't you just love the bright colors in this room?  So fun!

I promise to post pictures as I progress.  It will probably take all summer as I am busy with clients, Chalk Paint® customers and my own sweet family.  But, it's a space I am really excited to tackle, hopefully just in time for the change in weather that comes with Autumn!

All of these pictures are from my Pinterest page 'Kid's Playroom'.