THE HEART OF HOSPITALITY || and it's not all about me

Hospitality has been growing in my heart for the past few months.  Isn't it the ache of every human heart to be known and loved?  I get way too caught up in entertaining and 'putting on a show' {which can be a lot of fun!!} instead of focusing on sweet people around me.


I should be use to the fact that we always have a project going at our home.  Now that we have moved, we have a lot of projects, and no furniture.  It's the perfect storm for me!  I LOVE to create and work on projects, I can easily get lost in them and forget about people outside of my walls.


It's been a about 7 weeks since we moved.  God has really placed on my heart being hospitable.  Opening our home and lives to others.  Loving on people and not being so concerned about having a perfectly cleaned or decorated home.


It's hard on my pride to open up my home to people when my home is not furnished or decorated/designed how I want it to be.  Not that I have always had a perfect home, or one that was perfectly decorated.  But sometimes it's in the least expected times that I realize I am selfish and prideful.  Ugh.


This weekend we had a lovely little family over for dinner.  We have only met a few times.  We really didn't know anything about them, and they didn't know anything about us, other than they are nice and have two darling little girls just a bit older {6 months} than our girls.


That's what it's about.  Opening our homes when they aren't perfect, because really, when are they ever perfect?  Sharing food, and laughter, and stories.  It's about relationships.  I can get so caught up in everything else and forget to focus on the hearts of others.


When our 'new friends' came over, I kept wanting to apologize.  Apologize that I didn't have furniture,  that there were toys everywhere, that I didn't have dinner perfectly displayed…..


But, when we are invited to someone's home, I just love being there.  Talking.  Doing life.  I don't care about their decorations, their furniture, if the food is perfect.


So, this weekend was a bit of a stretch for me.  To open our home to others who don't 'know our story'.  They don't know that we always seem to have a project, or we like to fix things up.  And I don't want my identity wrapped up in that.  I want to love on others.  I want my girls to see that first hand.  I want them to love on others and be hospitable.

As I come up with easy hospitably tips, I will be sure to share them here.  It's so much easier to have people into our homes when we don't feel like it's a big deal.  Don't you think?? If you have tips, I would love to hear them!!