FABRIC FLOWER POSY :: a tutorial

I know there are a lot of flower posy tutorials floating around the internet!  There are so many cute styles to choose from!!  I thought I would share my favorite fabric flower posy, it is super easy, and a great way to use up those cute fabric scraps!


 First, you want to gather your fabric pieces.  I just use left over scraps, but of course you can by specific fabrics!



Next you want to cut your fabric into two or three different sized circles.  I used a small canning lid for the template of my largest circle.  The sized and cut the other two accordingly.


If I am going to take the time to make a flower posy, I cut up plenty of fabric pieces.  It is much faster to make several at once as opposed to one at a time.


You will want to cut a felt circle, about the size of your smallest fabric piece.  You will be hot glueing your fabric petals to the round piece of felt.  I will show you the felt in a couple of steps....I forgot to take a picture of it!

Fold your fabric circle in half....


and then in half again.  Put a dab of hot glue at the bottom intersection of the fabric so that the petal holds this shape.


Glue all of your folded fabric pieces to the circle of felt.  You can layer folded fabric pieces to make your posy extra full.  I glued a hair clip onto the back.


You can sew or glue a button, or any cute embellishment.


I love making them for Addilyn's hair.  However, I also love adding them to my sweaters, tops or bags.....the possibilities are endless!

Happy creating!!