DIY WOOD SIGN :: made from a cabinet door


 Hello and happy Monday!

I didn't take any photos to document how I made the wood signs for our covered deck {big surprise...wink}.  I am just awful at documenting things!  However, it was really simple, so I thought I would share a few tips.


Being that my sweet hubby is a {very talented} cabinet maker, we usually have new cabinet doors laying around the shop.  Doors that didn't fit or work for a job, for whatever reason.  You could use any cabinet door really.  But, the shaker style work best.  It already has a 'frame', no modifications need to be done!


  • I took two matching cabinet doors and painted two coats of OLD WHITE Chalk Paint®.  The paint covered the laquer finished, maple cabinet wood perfectly.
  • Next, type your phrase onto a blank document.  I used the HELVETICA font, and the font size I chose for my sign was 200.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.07.42 PM

  • With a pair of scissors, cut each word.  If the word didn't fit onto the printed  page, roughly cut the letter to be able to make the word.
  • Tape any letters together that need to be taped, and lay the entire word onto the painted cabinet door.
  • Move the words around until you like the spacing.
  • Once the words are right where you want them, tape them to the cabinet door.


  • Once the words are taped, with a pencil, trace the outline of each letter.  Press hard!  You want the letter to be outlined on the wood door.
  • Once your words are traced, fill in the letters with a paint pen {I use these} or an artist brush and paint.
  • At this point, you may be done!  Wasn't that easy?
  • I took a fine grit sand paper and distressed my sign.  I wanted the words to look a little 'worn and tired'.  Then, I coated the entire sign with clear wax, asked my hubby to hang the signs and we were good to go!  Matt had some really neat old nails, we found them when we remodeled our home {a 1908 foursquare}.  My guess is that they are original to the house!  Anyways, he centered the signs and attached them with the old nails.....

I love them!

Do you have a different way of making a wood sign?  I would love to hear!!