PARK DRIVE || renovation in McMinnville

KITCHEN || before + after

About 1 1/2 years ago, we met the nicest couple who fell in love with this little corner of Oregon.  Who wouldn't?  It's so beautiful out here with the mild seasons and rolling hills of vineyards and farmland!  Anyways, this couple is incredibly kind, very creative, inspiring and ambitious!  It was a joy to work with them and we wish them so much success with their hospitality ventures here in Yamhill County.

Also, the credit for these beautiful "AFTER" photos goes to my super talented photographer buddy, Brittany Rossman.  She has a way of capturing families and spaces beautifully, and she is so easy to work with, she is a sweetheart, a hard working mama, I could go on and on :)

The owners purchased this little gem in the heart of downtown McMinnville, it's within walking distance to wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, boutique shopping and much more.   Matt had the pleasure of working his magic on it and it sure turned out beautifully..... 





Don't we all love the curb appeal of old homes?  Classic architecture that you just don't see in most new homes!!!  You don't notice much change from the still has the darling "old home" features.  There is a new front door, new lighting, new landscaping and the addition off of the side is completely re-built.  The owners had the back yard landscaped and it is such a beautiful space, perfect for entertaining or sitting around the table talking late into the night!

BEFORE: kitchen

BEFORE: kitchen

AFTER: kitchen

AFTER: kitchen


I would say the cabinetry is one of my favorite features in this newly designed and remodeled kitchen.  It's all of those little details that really add up to the overall feel!  The inset doors, the molding details, the toe kick, when it's all thought through it really completes a space!  The cabinet color is SW Supreme Green, it's a fresh and soft minty green.  The countertops are a quartz, such a great option for any kitchen, but especially a vacation rental.


This darling little island is actually built-in and has an electrical outlet.  There wasn't the room for a large island, but the space was too big to not have anything in the middle.  Having power at a small island like this is so convenient!  Matt used some hickory he had at the barn and stained it dark, to match the floating shelves.  And just look at.....I love how the owner slid two bar stools under the island so you can chat while working.


I hope you enjoyed this little bit of kitchen inspiration!  I will post some pictures of the bathrooms soon.  They are calling for snow and ice tonight so I am getting ready to make some soup and snuggle with my favorite people to watch the snow fall.  Have a wonderful week friends!  If you have questions about specific finishes, please feel free to email or comment.



PAINTED CABINETS || a review of our cabinets painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Painting your own cabinetry is such a great way to completely change the look of a room for very little money!  As you know, my dear hubby builds beautiful cabinetry and finishes them in his spray booth with some fantastic products he buys from our local Rodda Paint store.  I am a firm believer that Chalk Paint is not for every job, and I am the first to tell customer that!  However, it is a fantastic option for DIY and of course it's amazing for decorative finishes!  I thought it might be helpful to give a little review of our kitchen cabinets I painted 3 years ago with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®


When we first moved in, the walls were yellow and the cabinets were a shiny maple.  When we bought our home, we had intentions of remodeling within 2 years....we just passed the 4 year mark :)  I just wanted to make the kitchen feel a bit more "me", even if it was a temporary fix!


I painted everything, except the uppers, Annie Sloan GRAPHITE.  I wanted the black appliances to  blend in and I love how the black hides everything :)  I painted the uppers Annie Sloan OLD WHITE and sealed with 2 coats of CLEAR WAX.

To prep the cabinets for painting:

Clean the surface with a degreaser, then wipe the surface down with warm soapy water.

Lightly sand the surface. You are not sanding to remove any finish, just sanding lightly to give the paint a little something extra to stick to!

Apply 2-3 coats, depending on the color of paint and the color of existing cabinetry you are covering.  

Seal with 2 light coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax, lightly buff away excess wax.

Enjoy!  To clean, wipe down with a warm rag.  I use Murphey's Oil Soap when they need a good scrub.


I lightly distressed the edges of my doors and cabinet faces.  I wanted a bit of a distressed look.  I then sealed everything with 1 coat of dark wax.  I recommend 2 light coats, but I was going for a temporary fix and didn't want to put in the effort of applying a second coat of wax! 


So, 3 years later and here is my humble little opinion.....

This kitchen gets A LOT of use!  I enjoy cooking and baking and so do my little peanuts!  We cook most meals at home and we love feeding other people so this little kitchen gets a lot of use.  The paint is chipping in the "usual" spots....the cabinet the houses the trash can!!  Also, our cabinet that houses the cutting boards and baking sheets has a little extra chippy factor happening.  If I had knobs, there would be very little chipping!  Plus, I am just plain hard on it because I am hoping that one day my dear hubby will build me some new cabinets! :) The rest of the kitchen looks just as good as the day I finished painting.  It really has held up so well!


I have sold Annie Sloan's incredible paint for 5 years now!  I sell it because I believe in's such a fantastic product!  It makes DIY cabinet painting attainable for anyone!  It's forgiving and provides a beautiful finish.  I could go on for hours!  So, if you are on the fence about painting your cabinetry....I say go for it!!!!!!  With a little bit of money and a lot of elbow grease, you can completely change the look of your space!  


I sure hope you found this helpful!  You can always email or call the shop and we are more than happy to answer your questions!  And, be sure to share pictures of your painted cabinets....I LOVE to see before + after photos!!



Valentine's Day || at the shop

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!  I'm sorry it's been so quiet here on the blog lately.  We have had some really exciting things happening behind the scenes with the construction company and with the shop, I just haven't made the time to write about them!!


One of the most exciting things on the shop front, is adding a dear and very talented friend  to our team!  We have been friends for 10 years or so and we often joke that she is my "sister from another mister".  Two peas in a know what I mean?? :)  Well, she is helping with events at the shop and I couldn't be more excited!  The first little event will be our Valentine's Day celebration at the shop!  Here are the details....

Join us Saturday, February 10th from 10am-5pm as we show YOU, our amazing customers a little extra L O V E.

  • Free craft and snack for the kiddos from 10am-12pm (parent doesn't have to be present but they must be at the shop :)
  • Refreshments for you to enjoy while you shop.
  • A free Spring scented candle with each purchase over $50.

We will have free crafts and snacks for the kiddos from 10am-12pm.  Of course that doesn't mean "drop your kids and go" but it does mean we are so very happy to love on them while you enjoy some time looking around the shop.


We will have yummy treats for the kiddos and refreshments for you while you shop.  We are also giving away a yummy Spring scented candle for every purchase over $50.  

Just some fun little ways that we can show you a little extra love for Valentine's Day!

MAKER'S MARKET || at the shop


I am so excited to host our first Maker's Market!!  We are moving the shop all around and will have 5 different and very talented creatives who will be selling their handmade items.  I am hoping it will be a really fun, cozy and unique shopping experience!  A way for customers to get a head start on their Christmas shopping and a way to showcase some talented, local ladies!



Just a little over a week ago, I hosted our 3rd annual Fall Entertaining Workshop + Dinner!  I am the worse at taking pictures, but I did snap a few right before the ladies arrived......


I really wanted to host the ladies outside, in our back yard.  Would you believe the entire week was just beautiful.....sunny and 70's.  Friday morning, the rain came!  It was gray and wet, but the clouds started to lift later in the morning, just as the weatherman said!  It turned out to be such a lovely evening, just enough chill in the air to make it feel like Fall!


We made a darling Fall banner out of vintage book pages.  Even the so called "non-crafty" ladies enjoyed making their banners and they turned out so cute!

We talked about the heart of hospitality, having grace with ourselves, and practical tips for entertaining and hosting.

set table

Each lady received a goody bag to take home  A local soap maker (Rough Cut Soap Co.) made the most beautiful soap to add to each bag, a very generous gesture that meant so much to me!


We enjoyed home made sweet potato + black bean salsa with tortilla chips and chilled white wine while we chatted.  For dinner, the ladies were served butternut squash + black bean chili, buttermilk biscuits, and honey crisp apple salad.  After their bellies were full, coffee was served as well as vanilla ice cream over caramel apple crisp.  

It was such a fun evening with such a fun group of ladies.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to host classes and meet so many incredible ladies!  I hope you and your family are enjoying Fall and looking forward to opening your home to family and friends.



I get a lot of questions about our little cottage so I thought it would be fun to write about and reminisce a bit :)

This is what our little cottage looked like when we bought it, 9 years ago...before the term "fixer upper" was so popular!  We really didn't have a rhyme or reason when we bought this house, in fact, we had two other houses just two blocks away for sale!!  I had always loved this little home and thought it would make the sweetest little flower shop or bakery or something charming.  Well, to turn a long story short, we turned out other two homes in Carlton into vacation rentals and moved into this charmer until we could save our pennies and fix her up.



Fast forward two years and our little fixer upper made it on the cover of This Old House magazine!  The interior was still a dump, but we got the outside looking pretty.  After This Old House featured our home on the cover, they ran a couple of other stories in future issues about the upstairs renovation we completed.  



When we moved to interior renovations, we converted un-used attic space into a master suite and home office.  Our friends and family were so gracious to come over....I think back on dinners, parties and events I hosted and I laugh!!!  The downstairs was SO GROSS!  Funny too because the upstairs was featured in This Old House and an episode on HGTV while the downstairs was so yucky! 


So fast forward another 2 years or so and all we had left to remodel was the kitchen and laundry area.  I was pregnant with Addilyn when we started that phase of the remodel!  First baby!!!  Oh I couldn't wait to make the house cozy and have a sweet little baby as part of our family.  My sweet little Addilyn Mae was even born at this house!  Half way through my pregnancy I decided to have a home birth, obviously that's an entire story in its self!  But to be able to cozy in by our fireplace with the snow falling outside and hold my newborn baby (just hours old) was just magical.



After almost one year of living in the cottage as a family of three, we decided to move into our other home in Carlton.  It was better suited for a family so we turned this little home into a vacation rental.  Over the past five years it has also served as my paint + creative studio as well as hostess to serval creative events!


Now she is back to full time vacation rental status ;-)  My mom cleans for me and my mother-in-law graciously offers her Wednesday afternoons to help in the garden.  I still manage and my favorite part is definitely getting it ready for guests.....home baked treats, fresh flowers and lamps on so it feels cozy for the guests!

Thanks for letting me tell the condensed version of this story!  It's so fun to look back on past projects and seasons of life!  This little cottage holds a special place in my heart!

BACK TO SCHOOL || and workshops for Fall


A touch of Fall is in the air and school started this week, which means I am excited to host some workshops and events over the next few months!  Today I hosted the sweetest group of ladies at the shop.  They enjoyed a boxed lunch while I talked about Annie Sloan's soft wax.  After their lunch, we played with Annie's dark wax and the waxed these little signs.  It was a fun way to show how dark wax can be used on raw wood, instead of using stain!

We have some fun workshops and events lined up for you local friends.....

September 29th, 5:30-7:30pm we are hosting our 3rd annual Fall Entertaining Workshop + Dinner!  I am so excited about this year's workshop because I am hosting it outside in our front yard!  We will eat, drink, craft and just have a fantastic evening together!  HERE are some pictures from last year's event.  If you are local, we would love to have you join us!!

October 13th, 5:00-7:30pm we are hosting our popular Chalk Paint BASICS class!  This class will include a Fall craft that we work on and then take home.  It's a fun way to learn all about Chalk Paint and get to create while we learn!

November 4th, 10am - 4pm we are opening up the shop doors to local creatives and hosting a MAKER'S MARKET.  A fun way to start off the holiday shopping season!! Think old school holiday bazaar stepped up a notch :)

And, on a personal babies started the new school year this week!



^^ My Addilyn Mae started 1st grade on Wednesday! ^^ 

And our sweet Savanna started Pre-School on Thursday!  Just 2 mornings a week, but she has always been my little buddy and constant companion.  I kept myself busy Thursday morning so I wouldn't have time for tears :)


We had the best summer and we enjoyed every last minute of it!  However, now that school has started, up I am so ready to spend more time at the shop and planning for fun things ahead!

Happy weekend friend!

APPLE BREAD || a sweet recipe

apple bread

A couple of days ago, the girls and I took a dear friend out to pick apples at my grandparent's old farm.  We picked a big basket full of beautiful, tart, green apples.  I plan to make some applesauce, but sweet apple bread was calling my name :)

apple bread

One of my favorite resources for tried and true recipes is Jenny Hobick's blog, Everyday Occasions.  I have been following her blog for years and every recipe turns out so good!  I made a couple of modifications to her recipe....I only had 1 cup of granulated sugar so I used 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of granulated, and I baked my bread for longer!


4 small or 2 large loafs

2 Eggs
2 cups Sugar (or 1 cup Brown Sugar and 1 cup Sugar)
1 stick of Butter (melted)
2 teaspoons Vanilla
2 Apples, peeled and diced
2 cups Flour
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
Powdered Sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Prepare loaf pans by lining them with parchment paper, or greasing with butter.

In a mixer, combine eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla.  In a separate bowl, stir together flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon.  Add flour mixture into the butter and sugar mixture slowly.  Add apples in and stir just until combined.

Pour batter in the pans.  

Bake for 30 minutes, or until tester comes out clean.  Cool in pan for 15-20 minutes, then move to wire rack.

I love that it makes 2 large loafs, 1 to enjoy warm out of the oven and the other to give away!

bread packaged

This is the best sweet bread I have had in a while, it's so good and so easy!!!!!  The perfect after school snack or lazy Saturday morning breakfast bread :)


SUMMER BREAKFASTS OUTSIDE || it's the simple things


It's hard for me to believe that July is almost over!  This summer has been so good....nothing spectacular,  just simple and sweet.  The girls and I have had breakfast (almost every day) outside this summer (summer weather in the Pacific NW is the BEST!!)  It's such a simple thing, but this act of enjoying a slow breakfast, outside, has been such a great way to start each day!

School will start soon and I know the mornings will be busy and rushed.  I am savoring these slow mornings of summer and hope you have the chance to do the same.  It's just taking the time to relish the simple things!

PS-these darling mugs, bowls and napkins are all available in the shop!  It makes setting a simple breakfast table seem a bit more special when you have fun dishes and linens!

STOCK TANK POOL || our backyard pool

We sure have been enjoying some beautiful summer weather (finally!!)  With the lovely weather comes a long list of outside projects we want to tackle!  One of those projects is the back yard. The last few weekends have been spent moving dirt, gravel, adding pathways and rock and I am so excited to finish this space up.  We have been spending so much time out back and it is a super fun space for entertaining too!

The girls are 4 and 6 now and we thought a little pool would be a fun addition to the back yard.  After a little research, we thought a stock tank would be the perfect fit.  No worrying about holes, rips and it's a lot cuter (to me anyways) than a bright blue pool!

We still have a couple of weekends left before we get the back yard finished.  But, I thought I would share a few pictures and some details on our pool in case you were interested in using a stock tank for a pool too ;)

We purchased a 2'deep x 8'diameter galvanized stock tank from Coastal Farm and Ranch.  Matt was able to tie it down and bring it home in the back of his truck, but it's a biggie!  I scoured the internet, so I will save you the trouble!  If you live in Oregon, your best bet is Coastal Farm and Ranch!

We purchased a sand filter pump from Amazon.  It's kept it super clean, it has a timer and it was easy for Matt to install.  We have also been using some pool chemicals from Lowes, but the filter has definitely been the major contributor to crystal clear water!  Matt plans to build a cover/step/deck area to cover the filter and give the girls an easy way to climb in and out.

We are adding borders and 1/4 minus gravel in the back yard, but around the pool we added river rock.  It's nice under bare feet and grass, dirt and leaves don't get tracked into the pool!  We bought a solar cover to keep pine needles out of the water and help trap some of the heat.  I made the mistake of buying a 8' diameter cover, only to find out that's the diameter at the bottom of a typical above ground pool.  Who knew they actually taper in?!?  I ended up buying a 12' round cover and we cut it down to fit, it works great!   


The girls have so enjoyed swimming in their new pool!  We had friends over Saturday night and their two girls swam in it too!  The four of them had so much fun in there together!  It's really the perfect size for littles, and fun for bigger kids and adults too!  I love the depth because the girls feel comfortable in it, it's not too deep but just deep enough that they can still float and swim.  They even had me laying on a floaty with them the other day ;).

It really was a fairly simple project, but I am more than happy to answer any questions!!  Hope you are enjoying your long summer days!


A BIG GIRL BED || little girl's room

My sweet Savanna turned 4 in April and will start 2 mornings a week of Pre-School this Fall.  It's hard to believe and for the first time in 6 years I will have a little bit of time in the mornings with out little ones!  Every night after she gets tucked into bed, she comes out and asks if she has to go to school.  She wants to wait until she is 5, she wants to stay home with mama.  Bless.  

So, we gave her room a little make-over and she upgraded from a Twin mattress to a Queen bed..all in preparation for heading to school this Fall. :)


A few months ago I purchased a dresser to paint for the shop, this headboard was part of the package deal.  I just wanted the dresser, so the headboard was basically free ;)  I removed the damaged paneling in the center and painted the piece with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (Bergere and Linen).  I sealed the paint with Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat.

The sweet pink bedding is Pottery Barn kids and I purchased it from a dear friend's garage sale a couple of months ago.  The rest of the bedding was extra from the cottage!  

galley wall
up close
gallery wall

We did a little gallery wall of some new and collected art and trinkets.  I just purchased the water color from a local artist who had a booth at the Farmer's Market, I love that it ties all of the colors together!  Savanna painted the little fox on the shelf and her little silhouette is from 3 years ago!

lamp wall

The yellow lamp was actually in my stash of extra lamps. Do you have a stash closet?  I do, one with extra pillows, inserts, lamps and such.  If I keep in contained in a closet I don't feel like such a hoarder!  Anyways,  I painted the base with Chalk Paint (Arles) and sealed it with clear wax.  I am on the hunt for a whimsical lamp shade, but for now the white linen shade will do.  I also found these darling baskets with scalloped linens and lids from Ballard Designs.  I love them!!!  I can find places all over the house for them.....yikes!

painted door

We painted her closet door and added some polka dots....the room was starting to feel a bit too 'grown up'.  She is very much a fun, spunky, full-of-life 4 year old so the polka dots help add a bit or whimsy to her room.  She also got new bamboo shades!  I love the warmth and texture it adds to the room.  Her original blinds were broken and the window is so large, it caused me too much drama every night when I would go to close them!  Eventually I would love to add more bamboo shades, but we have nice white blinds that were here when we bought and I just can't justify replacing them at this point.

That chalk board wall is a really fun part of her room too!  The girls love to draw pictures and Addilyn will leave little hand written notes for Savanna, it's pretty sweet.  The chalk dust does get a little messing, but nothing a wet rag can't clean up!

If you have any specific questions, please email me or ask in the comments, I am more than happy to answer!

Happy weekend friends!

McMINNVILLE REMODEL || before + almost after

For the past 5 months Matt has been working on completely remodeling this cutie of an old house.  The house was taken down to the studs, thoughtfully designed and carefully put back together.  

Park Drive

** I hope to get some finished photos within the next month....including the exterior.  Since this picture, the door has been painted, beautiful new exterior lights have been hung, and the landscaping has been finished.**

I stopped by on Friday as Matt was wrapping up a few little details.  The owners have completely furnished it and there are a few little construction details left too.  As soon as both those are done, I will get some "after" photos!

So, starting downstairs "before".....

After......Matt removed the a lot of walls and "stuff" in the way, now the entry is open and inviting!!


Isn't this little built-in bench and storage just the cutest?  Now there is plenty of room to walk in, have a seat to take off muddy boots, and a place to hang your coat and purse.

After heading through the front door, you can head to the right and right into the dining room....

dining room
dining table

As you head through the dining room, you can enter the kitchen to the left, or head down the hallway towards the powder room.  

The kitchen before......

And after.....


I love this built-in pantry!  One of my favorite features in the kitchen!  Matt built all of the cabinetry and custom built-ins.   He did all of the finish as well, to me, that's where so much character is added!  And don't even get me started on the attention to detail!  I am sure I notice it more than most people because I see all of the work that he puts into a project, but the beauty is definitely in the details!

desk area

The kitchen is open to the living room, the beautiful back yard and the sunroom.....


The living room before.......


And the beautiful living room now......

open living room

The wood floors turned out beautifully!  There was a lot of thought and research that went into the finish for these fir floors.  We refinished the existing and added new and needed them to tie in beautifully.  The owner also wanted them to have a bleached look, and nothing too was quite a process but we got there and I wish you could see how beautiful they are in person!

Another before photo of one of the bedrooms.....

bedroom before

And some after photos of the upstairs.  Matt added a laundry room and a bathroom, the upstairs is now so comfortable with two en-suites and a laundry room.  I am telling you, it's the best of both worlds.....olld house charm with modern amenities!


A dear friend, who was also the listing realtor, stopped by when I was there on Friday.  She commented that it looks like a brand new house, and it does.  You are probably sick of me always saying this, but my dear hubby is incredibly talented and a very gifted craftsman.  Not one detail slips by him.  It can drive me a bit crazy at times, but it sure makes for incredibly beautiful spaces with well thought out designs and well executed craftsmanship! 

hallway light

I will definitely post better photos with more of the bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a lot of material and selections information.  

This sweet little home took A LOT of creativity, construction smarts and time, but it sure looks clean, open and inviting! Can't wait to share better photos soon!!  

Happy Independence Day friends!

GROWING THE SHOP || a little update

The shop has been open for a little over a year now!  I am continually amazed at how time flies. I especially see how fleeting time is when I look at my babes.  Sweet growing girls are 6 and 4 and it feels like they were both just itty-bitty yesterday!

shop shelves

People have asked how things are going at the shop.  Are things busy?  Have you found your rhythm?  I have realized, opening a shop (for me!) has been much like having a baby.  That first year is new and exciting and exhausting.  A little after a year and I have my rhythm.  Just like you figure how to go grocery shopping between naps and how you can be productive (or totally relax) during naps!  I am at that stage now.  It's good, and we have a healthy balance of work and home life.  I look back at last year and I honestly have no idea how I opened the shop, worked at the shop, had two little girls by my side (except for two mornings of pre-school) took on decorating projects, managed the cottage and still helped Matt.  God's grace carried me through!  If you asked me to do it again, I don't know what my answer would be.  Again, just like having a baby.  You ask a mama if she is ready to give birth again and it depends on how fresh that memory of childbirth is :-)

Savanna and I have our routine and we are at the shop together Wednesday mornings.  I also have the best shop girl, sweet Natalie, who is at the shop all four days that we are open.  That is a game changer for me!  I love working at the sho.... seeing customers and friends, helping customers with paint colors and decorating questions!  However, I soon realized that being at the shop all of the time was sucking my creative energy.  Plus, I missed being at home!  I am very much a home body and I missed working in the garden and puttering in the kitchen.

shop hutch

Now that I have my creative energy back and a good home/work/play balance, I am so excited to announce that we are expanding the retail area!  We are moving the paint upstairs so the entire upstairs space will be for creative workshops, paint mixing and creative inspiration. We are growing the retail downstairs and I am so excited for what's coming!  

shop dresser

So, for the next few weeks the shop will look sparse and a little mis-matched as we are busy painting furniture and moving things all around.  And hopefully finding new ways to inspire everyone who walks through our doors!  In the mean time, thank you for the kind notes and emails and I look forward to continuing to share tidbits of our shopkeeping and remodeling journey with you.


BUFFET || painted with MMS MILK PAINT


I found this beautiful, but worn out and damaged, buffet a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to start painting it!  I like painting pieces at home, instead of at the shop.  At home I can paint in the garage/studio and the girls can play outside.  Much better than dragging them to the shop while I paint for a few hours at a time ;-)

This piece is a newer piece, but it had a lot of damage.  I sanded and used wood filler to fix most of the cosmetic problems.  I decide to paint this piece with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  I used one of her European colors, 'Schloss'.  It's a beautiful gray/brown and I just love it with the dark top!!


The top is a wood veneer but the veneer was so thin, it wouldn't stand up to me sanding out all of the water marks and rings.  I decided to use Milk Paint on the top too, I used 'Curio' to give the look of a heavily stained wood top.  I sealed the entire piece with MMS Tough Coat and then I added two coats of MMS antiquing wax on the top.  

We had the perfect spot for it at the shop!  Dimensions are at the shop so please feel free to call or email if you are interested!  It's a biggie (and a heavy one!) and for sale at the shop for $595.


Hope you have a great week!!!!


I would say the number one product we receive the most questions about, is Annie Sloan's soft wax.  It is such a fantastic product!  However, it can cause frustration if it's not applied properly.  Next Saturday, I am going to offer two {free} demonstrations on applying soft wax.  A little way to help customers who are struggling with the soft wax and for whatever reason can't attend a BASICS painting class.  Here are the details for you local peeps!

W H E N:  Saturday, April 29th, 2017

T I M E: 10:30am and 11:00am

W H A T: demo on applying Annie Sloan soft wax, 10% off your purchase of a wax brush, coffee + muffins

C O S T: free

Each demo is limited to 12 people.  Although there is no cost, you do need to sign up at the shop.  You can sign up by calling, emailing or stopping by the shop!


This post is sponsored by Jord Wood Watches. When the kind folks at Jord Wood Watches contacted me to see if Matt wanted to try one of their new wood watches, I immediately said yes!  I have seen these beautiful watches on Instagram and other blogs, and was drawn to their simplistic beauty.  I thought it was an added bonus that my sweet hubby is a wood worker, I knew he would appreciate the fine craftsmanship and beauty of this watch.

Our weather here in the Pacific NW has been unseasonably wet.  Rain, hail, thunderstorms and a little bit of sunshine!  I feel like all we are wearing these days is mud boots and slippers!

Sunday was sunny (wahoo!) and we celebrated Matt's birthday.  He sported his beautiful new watch.....the pictures truly don't do the watch justice.  It's such a beauty.

These classic and unique watches are crafted right here in the U.S.A and Jord uses sustainable resources from around the world.  Jord offers custom sizing when you order it online.  We took Matt's watch to the local jeweler and they easily removed two links, now it fit's him perfectly!

When it arrives in the mail, it comes packaged in a beautiful wood box.  Just opening the beautiful box is an experience.  My father-in-law and brother-in-law are both wood workers and we are thinking of gifting these for Christmas.  They would make unique and beautiful gifts!! They also have beautiful women's watches too!  I have already selected a couple different options for my Christmas can never plan too early ;-)

I know Matt will wear this beauty for years to come.  It's classy but not too showy....just like my hubby!

I am hosting a fun giveaway on IG this weekend!  The generous folks at Jord are giving away a $100 credit to their store!  Go to  Just by entering the giveaway you earn a $25 credit to their store!!  The giveaway ends Sunday (4/16) at 11:59pm.  Best of luck!!!


Hello!  I am so ready for Spring!!  It has felt extra cold, wet and gray this winter and this girl is looking forward to some sunshine.  Anywho, I am excited to announce the details for the Spring Entertaining Classes......

The Fall Entertaining Class sold out really fast, I am hoping to be able to accommodate more ladies by offering two, smaller workshops.  I will post more details in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, grab a girlfriend and sign up, it's going to be a lot of fun!!!

a paint party || ADDILYN'S 6th BIRTHDAY

My little sweet pea turned 6 last week.  It's so true what everyone told me....'time flies when they are young'.  I have really enjoyed each season and phase, but this age is a lot of fun!!! She is not one for big parties and get togethers, so a very small party with just her closest friends was right up her alley.  I was sick so I honestly didn't put the time and effort into it that I normally would have, but the girls all seemed to have a fun time....and I did too!

Just a simple set up in the workshop area of the shop....they each had an apron, 8 x 10 canvas, painting easel, paint brushes and paint.

We made these sweet little honey bee hives from  They turned out darling and it proved to be just the right amount of time and skill because the girls seemed to enjoy themselves without getting frustrated ;-)

The party was suppose to happen Saturday morning but got rescheduled because of a sick friend and a sick mama ;-)  We still went with the doughnut and breakfast theme though!

It was a simple party but such a fun way to celebrate my little sweet pea.  It's so easy to get caught up in the world of Pinterest and Instagram and think that a simple party or get together is not enough.  That it always has to be 'Pin' worthy.  So not the case!!!  It's all about spending time together and loving on others.

painted dresser || Chalk Paint® + MMS Milk Paint

About a month ago I picked up this cutie of a dresser at Habitat.  I thought it had darling lines and it was in good shape, it just needed some paint!

I kept the original brass hardware and I painted this dresser with 3 coats of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, MARZIPAN.  I painted the sweet trim pieces with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, OLD WHITE.  I lighting sanded, just to distress the edges.  I sealed the entire piece with two light coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

This cutie is for sale at the shop for $285.

before + after || upstairs offices and workshop area at the shop

Last week Matt finished the upstairs office + workshop space!

We bought this old house turned retail building just over a year ago.  We wanted to have the upstairs finished before our grand opening (March 27th, 2016) but we just ran out of time....and money was running out too!  I am so glad we waited!  After being at the shop, we figured exactly how we would use the space, and that is different from how we originally thought we would use the space!

Here are some BEFORE pictures....the upstairs space was originally 3 bedrooms.  It had three layers of wallpaper, over drywall.  The floors were yucky, the windows were rotting, the lighting was bad, and it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

We removed all of the wallpaper and drywall.  Under all of those layers, we found shiplap!  We sanded it and sprayed it white.  Matt spent a lot of time sanding and spraying those walls...they really look amazing!

We sprayed all of the doors with a pure black satin paint.  The doors and hardware are original!

We added can lights and two sconces in the workshop area.  We also added new engineered hard wood flooring, the same that we have downstairs.  The HVAC was updated to make the space comfortable and we replaced the windows with new wood windows.  Can you believe these darling built-ins?  I love, love, love the character of old homes!

My Christmas present from my sweet hubby, was this amazing table!  He used white oak for the top, which matches my downstairs shelving, and he welded the base, which also matches my shelving.  They had to bring it up in two pieces because it is so big and heavy!  It's perfect for classes and workshops!  I am one lucky girl!!

It's a blank canvas at this point!  I still need to fill the office spaces, but I am not in a huge rush.  I love it simple and clean so I am just enjoying it as it is!