A WINNER || & progress in the baby's room

Hello friends,

We are still trying to get healthy, but we are feeling much better around the Haney household!  I am going to have to cancel my big VALENTINE'S DAY BAKE SALE.  Booooo.  But, I am still sick, and nobody wants to buy sweet treats made by a sick girl.  I am really bummed, but I already roped a very talented friend into helping me next year!!

Next order of business….the winner of the February drawing!



 Yay Kim!  I can drop your goodies by this afternoon!

{Discloser:: I would have posted a picture of my cute kid pulling the number from the basket.  But, she has a gross nose and nobody wants to see that!}

And, to happenings around the house….


I have moved on to decorating Savanna's room.  This is what we are starting out with….


A black crib that we were given, before Addilyn was born - thank you Stef!

A dresser Matt's mom gave me 3-4 years ago.  I refinished it then, and painted it will milk paint.

It's been hard to feel inspired to decorate my sweet pea's room.  I was stealing everything 'cute' for Addilyn's room!!

Here is what I am working on now...


I am painting the wall behind the crib with Chalk Board paint.  I love having places all over the house where the girls and create.  Plus, I needed something for that big, blank wall.

Since the black crib would blend in with the black wall, I am painting the crib 'VERSAILLES', it's a Chalk Paint® of course!


I am going to add cute knobs to the dresser, something similar to this...



I decided to go with a DASH AND ALBERT rug.  I have them through out the house.  I love them to pieces, and love that they are so easy to launder!

Hopefully I will have more pictures for you by next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!