BEFORE + AFTER || a few more 'AFTERS'

Matt is doing some work at a home he remodeled two years ago.  We never snapped pictures of the completed project with the landscaping in place.  I asked him to snap a few yesterday and I thought I would share them.


This is what the home looked like when the owners contacted us.  They brought the property for the amazing views and the established vineyard.  When they talked to us, their intention was to demolish the existing house and build brand new.  Matt explained how they could still get the house of their dreams while saving the existing home (and saving money on permits, septic, etc).


When we worked up the design for this home, there were several factors that had to be considered.  I won't bore you with those details!  But, the homeowners wanted a MODERN home with a NORTHWEST/LODGE vibe.    And, they homeowners were, and still are, the best people ever!  They are so kind and were so fun to work with!!


Now the home completely functions for them and their growing family (and business).  It blends into hills and trees, yet still has some personality.


This is the new front door and entry.  Looks a little different, right?


The back side of the home has more of a MODERN look and captures the AMAZING valley and vineyard views.  They are just getting ready to add stone to the bottom level of concrete and that will look really sharp.


One of these days I will post photos of the interior!

In the mean time, enjoy your week!  I am hoping to wrap up a lot of 'half finished' projects, both for myself and for clients.  I should have a lot of 'AFTER' photos to bomb you with in the next few weeks ;-)

BEFORE + AFTER :: exterior

Hello friends!

I am knee-deep in projects, but that just seems to be how I roll these days ;-)  Since I don't have any 'finished' project photos to share this week, I thought I would share a few BEFORE + AFTER photos of one of the homes we remodeled in Carlton.

When we purchased this home {8 years ago!} we bought it with the intention of living in it for a few years and then buying acreage and eventually building a new home.  We have been here for 8 years {on and off} and love it here!

The home sits on a double lot, just on the outskirts of town.  And, it has a work shop.  The shop is where Matt works his construction magic!


This is how she looked when we bought her.  Over grown, moldy and falling apart.  A little 900 s.f. four square with a funky addition out the side and the back.  She needed a lot of work!  Matt saw the potential, and we were both willing to work hard!!


We had to do quite a bit of de-construction and demo.


Matt did a lot of the work himself. It took us just 1 year to get most of the work done.  My hubby is one hard working worker bee!!!  We spent a lot of late nights working on this little place.


We still have a lot of projects that we would like to do!  But doesn't everyone?!?


To the left of this little pop-out is where the original front door was located.


Matt had planned on building this cupola with windows.  It serves as ventilation.   But,it was going to take a.long.time for him to custom build windows that would work for this space.  We opted for the louvers and I love them!


The work shop really is the reason we purchased the property!  We skinned the front of the work shop with cedar siding and built a large sliding door.


The sides and back of the work shop are metal siding.  It's all painted one color and it really is hard to tell that the entire shop isn't sided with cedar siding.


This home has served us well over the past 8 years!

Since living here, we have fixed up 2 other homes in Carlton, but that is for another post ;-)


BRYN MAWR VINEYARD :: before + after

 It all started with a little {but quite custom!} pump house cover.

Matt received a call, the new owners of this property asked if he could build them a pump house cover.  One thing lead to another and before long we were designing renovation plans and working out the details for this 3800+ s.f. addition.


 The existing home sat on beautiful acreage in the heart of the Eola Hills.  There was a small vineyard and a small winery on the property.  The owners bought the property with big plans of fine tuning the art of wine making and creating a family run business.

After several meetings, they decided it would be best to renovate/add on to the existing home instead of demolish the home and build brand new.

The design process took several months, but was so worth it!


 The outside shell was transformed in a matter of months.


 The new addition was thoroughly thought out and planned for how the homeowners would use the house.


 The South side of the house captured the view of the beautiful Eola Hills.


 The new exterior consisted of clear fir {vertical} siding, cedar board + bat, cultured stone and a standing seam roof.  Classic 'Pacific Northwest' features.


 The homeowners plan on tackling landscaping this Spring.




 The South side of the house completely captures the amazing views, it is truly breath taking!


 It's hard to see from this picture, but this is a huge, covered deck.  It's right off the the kitchen.  It has a built-in BBQ, cabinetry and a fireplace.  Did I mention the fact that is also has amazing views?!?



New garage doors and man doors.  This area serves as the winery until they build a new one in the next few years.

I will be sure to post some photos of the interior soon.

These clients were absolutely fabulous.

So easy going and down to earth, they were truly a joy to work for.  Thank you for the work John and Kathy!

We are so excited for them and winery venture.  If you are out tasting near Salem, be sure to stop by Bryn Mawr!!