RUFFLED APRONS :: a non-tutorial

I am really bad about taking photos of my projects.  I am usually rushing to get through the project and I just go on  and forget!

I have been trying to work on Walk in the Park projects "here and there".   There is not a lot of "here and there" time with a 2 year old and a 2 month old, but I love to have little projects going.


I thought I would sew a few aprons for our booth.

I have a thing for ruffles.

I am not necessarily good at sewing them, but I sure love having them on curtains, pillows, and aprons!


Since one of my many faults is not being able to follow a sewing pattern, I just started sewing these aprons.  I wish I had detailed step-by-step instructions for you!


They aren't perfect, but I think they make cooking and kitchen chores a bit more fun!


xoxo~ Darci