PROGRESS ON THE VACATION RENTAL || and a handful of bookings


I have been slowly working on turning the cottage back into a vacation rental.  A hour here, 20 minutes there, my girls are good sports as I try to make adventures out of making a bed and sweeping floors!

I finally photographed the downstairs bathroom.


It's a small bathroom with marble floor, pedestal sink and claw foot tub.


I can't seem to find a 'BEFORE' photo, but this is the 'BEFORE' photo of the hallway and living room leading to the bathroom door….so you get an idea!


We went back and forth on building a beautiful tile shower, complete with large glass door.  In the end, it came down to budget and time.  We opted for a reproduction claw foot tub/shower.  It fits the space perfectly and adds instant charm!


The downstairs bathroom was the last room to be remodeled in our little 1938 cottage.  We actually remodeled it after we moved out!


Matt also built a twin bed for the upstairs office.  The cottage can now sleep 5.  Usually the 5th person is a kid, college student or someone who just needs a bed for one night.


It's nothing fancy, but for a vacation rental, a much better use of the space than a desktop and cabinetry.


This is how it looked when it functioned as our office.


A darling office….right?!?

I will post an entire tour of the vacation rental.  Hopefully by next week I will have it cleaned, furnished and photographed!

The phone calls and summer bookings are already starting, the summer craziness is officially beginning!

Do you like to stay in vacation rentals when you travel??