POWDER ROOM || before + after

Hello friends!

Well, we finally finished our powder room!  It only took us one year ;)  Now, in Matt's defense, he demoed the space last year and then we moved on to exterior house projects while the weather was nice.  Here are a couple of BEFORE pictures of our hard working powder room....



And how the finished space looks now.....


The original walls are plaster and had two layers of wallpaper on them.  One day last year I felt ambitious and starting removing the wallpaper.  Well, once I realized that it was going to take me A LOT of time to get those walls stripped down and looking good, Matt decided to swoop in and save the day by suggesting paneling!  We wanted to do something different and he came up with the idea of a vertical paneling.  I love the clean lines and simplicity!  


A couple of years ago, Matt was finishing up a big cabinet job and the homeowner had used this beautiful travertine throughout her new home.  She had two big crates left over and Matt asked if she was going to sell them....sure enough!  We have enough of this stone to use in our entry and kitchen.  It's just been waiting so patiently in the garage for the last couple of years,  it feels so good to finally start seeing it in our home!


Matt built this vanity from some left over reclaimed Fir that he had used on a different project.  To protect the wood from water damage, I oiled it with 4 coats of Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil.  He cut a hole in the top and we have a white, rectangular, undermount sink dropped in there.  I love wall mount faucets and will use them any chance I can!  This wall mount faucet is polished nickel and I love the look of it against the old wood!


The schoolhouse light is one of my other favorite things in this space!  Black and white is so classic!  The light is from Barn Light Electric and it's such a beauty!!  I'm not much of a niche person but Matt thought it would be nice and I am so glad he built that little space in.  It's perfect for fresh flowers and a candle.  The mirror is from the shop and it's fun and kind of funky.  You can see our new black door in the mirror....we are slowly switching out all of our hollow-core, flat panel doors with solid core, black paneled doors and I LOVE them!

It was such a fun little space to remodel!  It sure makes me excited to tackle the other two bathrooms :)  Thanks for following along!  It you have any questions about specific products used, just ask in the comments or shoot me an email!