OUR HOME || a few changes

I’m having so much fun looking through these old photos! Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much progress you have made on a project….it’s such a good reminder to look back and see how far you have come!


We have a huge basement which we really love and spend quite a bit of time using! The girl’s playroom is tucked around a corner so it can be a complete disaster and you have no idea! It took us a while to figure out how we would best utilize the space, but once we figured it out, we’ve never looked back!

3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_76.jpg
3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_77.jpg

There was some great storage space in the playroom! Matt converted one of the storage closets into a little book nook for the girls, it’s one of their favorite spots!! We also had a ductless heat/ac unit installed and new carpet. Both make the room feel super cozy!

3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_71.jpg
3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_70.jpg

We made some changes in the basement, mostly changes just making the space work better for us. We moved an exterior door which allowed us to make a cozy living room space next to the fireplace. This is were we get cozy watching movies and snuggling in for Saturday morning cartoons. Matt modified the built-in cabinetry and I painted the cabinetry with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, “Typewriter”. I sealed the paint with 3 coats of Hemp Oil and it’s one of my favorite cabinets in the house!

We also have a wet bar/game area, laundry room and bathroom downstairs, but those just don’t look as pretty in pictures :)


One of my favorite rooms that we have re-done in this house is the powder room. It’s just got so much personality, yet it’s simple and classic!

3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_39.jpg

We touched every part of this little room, Matt even built a new window! If you want any sources, please just let me know, I am happy to share!!

Another one of my favorite rooms is the dining room! When we bought the home, it had French doors on one wall and a swinging door on the other wall. It was completely separated from the kitchen and the living room, so we made a couple of changes…..

3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_13.jpg
3270 Northwest Westside Rd_Print Res_16.jpg

Matt installed a beautiful paneling to the walls! It was so labor intensive but his OCD totally paid off and the walls are perfection!! I love the simplicity of the dining room! It allows me to have a lot of fun with seasonal centerpieces too!!

There are so many wonderful things I love about this house! Truly, we will be sad to leave. We thought it would be our forever home, but now it will be the perfect home for a new family!!