GALVANIZED CLOCK || adding a touch of industrial

So, the Fall Vintage Sale was awesome!  A huge success and so much fun!!!  I was tired for days afterwards, and of course hardly snapped ANY photos!  I can't believe it….I only snapped a couple with my phone, right before we went to open the gate and let the flood of shoppers rush in!  Thanks so much to all of you lovelies who came, and to new peeps, it was fun to meet new faces and hug on the old ones!



On a different note, I have slowly starting gathering and ordering items for when we have a downtown space.  One of my favorite things so far has been this galvanized clock!




Anything galvanized has become so popular over the last few years.  I love that it can really go with anything and yet totally changes the look of a space!  I bought two of these clocks….one to keep and one to sell.

DETAILS::  33.5" W x 33.25"L.  $128

If you are interested in purchasing it, just let me know!