CHIPPY VANITY || a painted vanity

I have this sweet little vanity that I got about 5 years ago.  I originally painted it for Addilyn's nursery.  I used milk paint (I was super pregnant and wanted something safe to work with) and painted it a sweet shade of light green.  I have always loved this little vanity, and had no intention of selling it!  However, I just don't have a place for it and I need furniture for my little space at La Bella Casa!  So, it got a makeover and will be headed to the shop next week….

IMG_5648  IMG_5654 IMG_5659 IMG_5651


It was originally painted with a blue paint (probably lead based, the piece is very old).  When I got it, Matt completely sanded it down for me. I layered several milk paint colors and love the chippy, old look.  I sealed it with wax, added some pretty knobs, now she is all set for a new home!