BEFORE + AFTER :: a den bathroom makeover

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Remember last week when I showed you a few BEFORE + AFTER photos of a lovely guest bathroom remodel we completed in McMinnville?

Well, I thought I would show you a few BEFORE + AFTER photos of a second bathroom we remodeled at the same home.  This bathroom is located right off of the den.  Again, the homeowner had exquisite taste and the bathroom turned out beautifully!

Here is a BEFORE photo..


and here is AFTER....


That's a split-face marble tile on the wall.  Isn't it beautiful?


It's a small bathroom.  There are a lot of different textures, but it all works together perfectly.


Matt built a simple, rustic vanity top and bottom shelf.  It warms up the space and provides enough room for a few accessories and bathroom essentials.


So simple, but so beautiful!



One more shot of the lighting attached to the mirrors.  That little trick makes the small room feel larger and gives such a clean look.

Hope you enjoyed the photos......I love showing off Matt's work.  He is a pretty humble fellow, so it's fun for me to show you his handy work!

Have a great weekend!