McMINNVILLE REMODEL || before + almost after

For the past 5 months Matt has been working on completely remodeling this cutie of an old house.  The house was taken down to the studs, thoughtfully designed and carefully put back together.  

Park Drive

** I hope to get some finished photos within the next month....including the exterior.  Since this picture, the door has been painted, beautiful new exterior lights have been hung, and the landscaping has been finished.**

I stopped by on Friday as Matt was wrapping up a few little details.  The owners have completely furnished it and there are a few little construction details left too.  As soon as both those are done, I will get some "after" photos!

So, starting downstairs "before".....

After......Matt removed the a lot of walls and "stuff" in the way, now the entry is open and inviting!!


Isn't this little built-in bench and storage just the cutest?  Now there is plenty of room to walk in, have a seat to take off muddy boots, and a place to hang your coat and purse.

After heading through the front door, you can head to the right and right into the dining room....

dining room
dining table

As you head through the dining room, you can enter the kitchen to the left, or head down the hallway towards the powder room.  

The kitchen before......

And after.....


I love this built-in pantry!  One of my favorite features in the kitchen!  Matt built all of the cabinetry and custom built-ins.   He did all of the finish as well, to me, that's where so much character is added!  And don't even get me started on the attention to detail!  I am sure I notice it more than most people because I see all of the work that he puts into a project, but the beauty is definitely in the details!

desk area

The kitchen is open to the living room, the beautiful back yard and the sunroom.....


The living room before.......


And the beautiful living room now......

open living room

The wood floors turned out beautifully!  There was a lot of thought and research that went into the finish for these fir floors.  We refinished the existing and added new and needed them to tie in beautifully.  The owner also wanted them to have a bleached look, and nothing too was quite a process but we got there and I wish you could see how beautiful they are in person!

Another before photo of one of the bedrooms.....

bedroom before

And some after photos of the upstairs.  Matt added a laundry room and a bathroom, the upstairs is now so comfortable with two en-suites and a laundry room.  I am telling you, it's the best of both worlds.....olld house charm with modern amenities!


A dear friend, who was also the listing realtor, stopped by when I was there on Friday.  She commented that it looks like a brand new house, and it does.  You are probably sick of me always saying this, but my dear hubby is incredibly talented and a very gifted craftsman.  Not one detail slips by him.  It can drive me a bit crazy at times, but it sure makes for incredibly beautiful spaces with well thought out designs and well executed craftsmanship! 

hallway light

I will definitely post better photos with more of the bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a lot of material and selections information.  

This sweet little home took A LOT of creativity, construction smarts and time, but it sure looks clean, open and inviting! Can't wait to share better photos soon!!  

Happy Independence Day friends!

before + after || upstairs offices and workshop area at the shop

Last week Matt finished the upstairs office + workshop space!

We bought this old house turned retail building just over a year ago.  We wanted to have the upstairs finished before our grand opening (March 27th, 2016) but we just ran out of time....and money was running out too!  I am so glad we waited!  After being at the shop, we figured exactly how we would use the space, and that is different from how we originally thought we would use the space!

Here are some BEFORE pictures....the upstairs space was originally 3 bedrooms.  It had three layers of wallpaper, over drywall.  The floors were yucky, the windows were rotting, the lighting was bad, and it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

We removed all of the wallpaper and drywall.  Under all of those layers, we found shiplap!  We sanded it and sprayed it white.  Matt spent a lot of time sanding and spraying those walls...they really look amazing!

We sprayed all of the doors with a pure black satin paint.  The doors and hardware are original!

We added can lights and two sconces in the workshop area.  We also added new engineered hard wood flooring, the same that we have downstairs.  The HVAC was updated to make the space comfortable and we replaced the windows with new wood windows.  Can you believe these darling built-ins?  I love, love, love the character of old homes!

My Christmas present from my sweet hubby, was this amazing table!  He used white oak for the top, which matches my downstairs shelving, and he welded the base, which also matches my shelving.  They had to bring it up in two pieces because it is so big and heavy!  It's perfect for classes and workshops!  I am one lucky girl!!

It's a blank canvas at this point!  I still need to fill the office spaces, but I am not in a huge rush.  I love it simple and clean so I am just enjoying it as it is!








painted furniture || ANTIBES GREEN CHALK PAINT®

A dear friend of mine is giving herself a beautiful home office.  She has switched some rooms around and is making a space that is absolutely bold and beautiful, just like her!  She had a solid hutch that she wanted painted, it's going to be her pop of color in the new office.  We settled on Annie Sloan's ANTIBES GREEN..... hutchbefore

It is a beautiful piece of furniture.  Solid, well built and has some really great storage.  It was a lovely piece to paint!






I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, ANTIBES GREEN, Annie Sloan lacquer and Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

The hutch was originally intentionally distressed.  It had manufactured worm holes, gouges and was made to look old.  She wanted the new look to be shiny and crisp, no sanded edges or distressing the paint.  This piece took four coats of paint (I watered down each coat, I wanted it smooth!) two coats of Annie Sloan Lacquer and one coat of Clear Wax.  I can't wait to see this beauty in her new office space!  I hope this has inspired you to paint something....maybe something bright and bold!



opening the shop || MD HANEY & CO. H O M E

My sweet hubby has been working his tail off to get the new shop space ready for business!  You may remember the BEFORE pictures, the space was dated, dirty and dark.  Now it's light, bright and airy with a lot of really fun features.  I will post soon on some of the work that we did! Anyways, last week was L O N G and we worked H A R D but come Saturday morning, all of the hard work paid off.  I was so incredibly blessed by everyone who came to support us!!!  A sweet friend from church snapped some photos shortly after we opened on Wednesday morning and I think she did a fabulous job!




We installed new hard wood flooring and Matt added moldings, beams and some really fun architectural features!



My sweet hubby also built these fabulous shelves!  We didn't want to block off the windows, the natural lighting in this part of the shop is amazing.  He built these shelves so the view is not blocked from the inside or outside, and I can pile high the inventory!











Can you believe these walls?!?  That wood is original to the house!  The guys started removing drywall and found this wood.  It's really amazing!  We found it throughout the house.  Again, I will do another post soon on what we did to the building.  We still have a lot to do, but we were able to get enough done to open our doors last weekend.

Thanks again for all of the encouragement and support!  Such a blessing!!  God is good and His timing is always perfect!  The new shop hours are WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY, 10am-5pm.  The address is 636 NE Baker Street, McMinnville.


We have been in our home for almost two years now.  The time sure does fly!!  We have some fun remodeling plans in the future and one space we would like to remodel is the dining room.  However, that won't be happening for a few years, so we decided to spruce the room up until we save up enough money to do our major renovations.


This room is right off of the kitchen.  It was a sunken living room and we have decided to turn it into our dining room.  Eventually, we would like to tile the kitchen and dining room space and add French doors to open to the outside.  Until then, paint is our best friend!


After painting the walls, we scraped, patched and cleaned the concrete floor.  I have always wanted to try to stencil,  I thought this would be a great time to try!

2015-12-04 02.04.13

2015-12-04 02.03.50

2015-12-04 02.04.59

2015-12-04 02.05.13

Here are the details on stenciling the concrete floor...

-We scraped, patched and cleaned the concrete floors before painting.

-We applied (with a roller) two coats of Chalk Paint® decorative paint, the color is OLD WHITE.

-We purchased the stencil from  We opted for the "professional" size and I am so glad we did!  The stencil was easy to clean and very easy to use!!  I highly recommend their stencils.  They have some beautiful designs.

-We used Chalk Paint® for the stencil paint as well, the color is PARIS GREY.

-We applied (with a roller) two coats of Annie Sloan lacquer.  It's a water based lacquer with a matte finish.  It seals the floors beautifully and makes cleaning the floors very easy.

Overall, I am very happy with the results.  With less than $400 worth of supplies, some time and a lot of elbow grease, we transformed our concrete floor.   The space feels cozy and clean and now I am contemplating painting and stenciling my ceramic tile in the laundry room.  ;-)

Chalk Paint® decorative paint || FRENCH LINEN side tables

I often don't take the time to take pictures of spaces I have helped design, or custom painting I do for customers.  When it's my own house and my own painting projects, I can take the time to take pictures while the girls are playing or napping.  At this stage in my life, it's just more convenient to take pictures of my own projects!  However, I painted these sweet little side tables for a customer and it was easy to bring them into my home and snap a few photos!

2015-11-19 21.04.03

The side tables were in really good shape.  They belonged to my customer's Grandmother.  They mean a lot to her and she wants to keep them, just update them a bit with paint.

2015-11-25 04.46.35

2015-11-25 04.48.27

2015-11-25 04.48.57

I painted these little cuties with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  I used the color French Linen, lightly distressed the edges, sealed the sides with clear wax and sealed the top with Annie Sloan lacquer.  I antiqued the tables with a small amount of dark wax, put the existing hardware back on and packaged up care instructions with a sample of clear wax for my customer to take home.

I hope she enjoys these little tables for years to come!

painted oak vanity || Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

We haven't been working on too many projects at home lately.  Work has been extremely busy, which is good but makes for very little time to do anything else!!  We did sneak away to Pacific City for the day to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.  We love Pacific City because we can drive right down on the beach and just camp out for the day!

2015-09-13 03.57.13

2015-09-13 03.55.06

At home, we have put together a plan to try to finish the basement space this winter.  We have to make my office space and finish the laundry room.  Mostly cosmetic and a lot of fun!  It's just finding the time to do it!


We have a small bathroom down in the laundry room.  It's the 4th bathroom in the house and it has served as a storage room for me every since we moved in ;-)  I finally cleaned it out and decided it's time to spruce it up!!

2015-09-13 21.31.33

Here is the vanity cabinet after one coat of Old White Chalk Paint.  Before I started painting, I  wiped the cabinet down with warm soapy water, scuffed it with 180 grit sand paper, and started painting.

2015-09-16 05.21.03

2015-09-16 05.21.46

2015-09-16 05.21.18

I painted two coats of Old White Chalk Paint®, lightly distressed the edges and applied one coat of Annie Sloan clear wax.  It was such an easy change and it really lightened the room!  I have some more projects for this space and hopefully with the weather changing I will have a chance to get to them ;-)

a customer's paint projects || BEFORE + AFTER

A couple of months ago I meant the cutest little paint customer.  She had just moved back to Oregon from Arkansas and was frantically trying to get her kitchen painted before the movers delivered everything.  She is just a cute little bundle of energy, and she has four kiddos to keep up with!!  You won't believe the transformation!









Isn't it darling?  She painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and then waxed with the soft wax.  I want to move in, it's just darling!!







She even made this light fixture!  Darling, right?!?

I love, love, love getting pictures from customers!  These pictures made me want to move right on in!!  She is probably a great cook too!

Next week I will have pictures from the Dayton renovation.  Everything has to be wrapped up in two weeks which is CRAZY.  My poor hubby is working around the clock to get this job finished in time.  Next week I will be working on the job site, honestly, I haven't done any jobs 'on site' since having kids (4.5 years ago!)  I think all of Matt's subcontractors will agree with this statement...."if Matt's not happy, nobody is happy".  Wish me luck ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend!

painting a new door + making it look old

One of the many things I love about our home, is the potential to never run out of projects!  In the next couple of years, we hope to do an extensive kitchen remodel.  Until then, when the 'itch' hits to change something up in the kitchen, I usually resort to paint ;-) We have a fir door in our kitchen, it's in pretty good shape (except for where the dog scratches when he wants to go out to play…..)  When we remodel, I would love to replace the current door with a dutch door, similar to this...


For now, paint will have to do!





(first coat ~ FLOW BLUE)




I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for this project.  I applied one coat of FLOW BLUE (no bonding agent).  After the first coat of paint dried, I rubbed corners with vaseline.  The vaseline causes the next coat of paint to resist, it makes for great distressing!  I then applied two coats of SHUTTER GREY.  I distressed the door and finished it off with two coats of clear wax.  The picture isn't a very good representation, I feel it looks much better in person!

Just a fun and easy project that I was able to complete in an afternoon!

I hope to have a lot more pictures to post soon!!  Matt and I have both been super busy with work and I often forget to take pictures. ;-)  Plus, I am soaking up every summer minute with my girls, 2 and 4 years old is such a fun (and exhausting) age, I don't want to miss a second of it!!

A PAINTED DRESSER || before + after

Last month I found this darling dresser.  I am slowly trying to accumulate furniture pieces for when I move the shop downtown.  (By the way, it looks like we may have found a great spot!  I will share the details within the next week or so, when everything is finalized.)

Here is the BEFORE photo…..darling little details on this dresser!

dresser copy


And after….






I cleaned the dresser with a de-greaser cleaner and then wiped it down with warm water.  I scuffed it up a bit with 100 grit sandpaper, it was pretty shiny.

I painted the drawers DUCK EGG, and the frame OLD WHITE.  I distressed the edges and then gave it two coats of clear wax.  I left the original brass hardware because I just liked the look of the brass against the blue.

Once I move the shop downtown, I will list her for sale.  If I don't keep her for myself ;-)

Happy Painting!

PAINTING GINGHAM CHECKED WALLS || how to paint a gingham checked wall

Several months ago I ordered a beautiful taupe, buffalo check wallpaper to hang in our stairwell.  The rolls are still sitting in their wrapper ;-)  We have since decided to panel our stairwell and I thought I would use the wallpaper for our bedroom.  Well, the wallpaper color clashed just enough with the wall color.  Since I didn't have the energy to re-paint the bedroom and attached bathroom and closet, I decided to come up with a different plan of attack!  I have painted stripes before (both in the cottage, and in our last home), but I just wasn't digging stripes for the master bedroom.  I googled "painting gingham checked walls" and a great tutorial from Southern Living popped up.

Perfect!  In less than 6 hours and $50, I had a beautiful gingham checked wall!


If you feel inspired to paint a gingham checked wall, I highly recommend following the instructions posted by Southern Living!  In a nutshell, you are measuring, leveling, drawing horizontal lines, taping and painting (mixing the paint with clear mixing glaze).


Once your horizontal lines are complete, you do the same thing vertically!





It's a subtle change, which I love.  My sweet but very picky/perfectionist husband even liked it and complimented me on the straight lines!


And this was happening as I was trying to snap some photos of the bedroom wall ;-)




One day I may feel inspired to hang wallpaper in the bedroom, but for now I am content with the gingham checked wall!


A week before Christmas we had carpet installed in the playroom!  It was good to have a deadline and feels so good to have a room finished!  The girls spend a lot of time in this room.  We are so close to finishing our basement living room too….. IMG_5201

Matt is working on the finish work now.  Look at that cool brick we found under the drywall of the fireplace.  We may paint the brick, but we shall see!


Matt is building an archway from the playroom to the basement living room, almost like a secret room. ;-) We plan on having paneled walls through out the house, so this will tie in nicely.  I know it's trendy right now, but we plan on remodeling the entire home and I think it will all flow perfectly.

Below are a few BEFORE photos




And here is the space now.  A little brighter, cleaner and the perfect spot for a playroom!






Matt turned an akward closet into a little book nook for the girls.  He added some shelves for a few of their favorite books and it is one of their favorite spots.  I still need to make a super cozy cushion, but for now this works.









There are still quite a few things I want to do in this space, but for now it works so great.  We sure love this house!  We have a handful of house projects that we should be wrapping up soon, so I will have plenty of pictures to post!



A few months ago I decided to paint our master bathroom cabinets.  Although we hope to remodel that space eventually, it falls very low on the priority list.  It functions and it is clean, by clean I mean not falling apart ;-).  There is no need to move that project to the top of the list, we have plenty more 'urgent' projects that need to be tackled!  But, I still want to start making changes!

The original maple cabinets are in good shape and they were very easy to paint.  I used a rough grit sand paper to scuff up the cabinets.  I scrubbed them down well with TSP and warm soapy water.  I wiped the damp cabinets with a dry cloth and waited for everything to be completely dry.  Easy-peasy!




I knew that I wanted to slightly distress the cabinets.  I wanted black to show through when I distressed.  Instead of painting the entire cabinet black {GRAPHITE}, I painted one, thin coat along the edges, where I planned on distressing.  I rubbed the edges with a hard beeswax so that when I sanded the second color, the black would show through, not the original maple.





I applied two coats of FRENCH LINEN and then lightly sanded the edges to reveal the black paint underneath.  I waxed with Annie Sloan's clear wax.  The original hardware was a bit modern for my taste.  They must have been a custom size because I couldn't find any knobs or pulls that would match the existing drilled holes!  Instead of filling and sanding the existing hardware holds and then re-drilling new holes, Matt cut down a sheet of metal to make metal plates.  We sprayed them with a matte black textured spray paint and we used that to attach the new hardware.  Still time consuming, but not as time consuming as filling/sanding/drilling new holes would have been!

There is a lot we want to do to this space with the timing is right.  But for now, I will keep making simple changes and 'tweaking' it here and there ;-)

PAINTED FABRIC || painting fabric with Chalk Paint®

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a lady; they were moving her mom to an apartment and needing to downsize.  She wanted to know if I would like to come look at the items they were needing move.  I loaded up the girls, picked up a girlfriend and we were on our way.  She had a beautiful table and chair set.  Absolutely beautiful!  But, it was a big set and I didn't have room.  So I came home with a pair of chairs and some smaller treasures.


The chairs were in really good shape, and super comfortable.  Since I don't have the skills necessary to reupholster these beauties, I decided to paint them.






Here are the details on how I painted fabric with Chalk Paint®.

- Vacuumed the fabric and trimmed the loose strings.

- Wiped down the wood with a warm, damp rag.  After allowing the wood to dry, I painted two coats of Milk Paint {Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint ~ ironstone} on the wood.  I was fine with the paint chipping, so I did not apply the bonding agent.

- For the fabric, I added water to Chalk Paint®.  I added 4 parts {OLD OCHRE} Chalk Paint® to a mason jar and 1 part water.  Shake it good to thin the paint down a bit.  By thinning the paint down it helps the paint to cover easier, and it makes it a bit softer to the touch once it dries.

- Once the fabric was painted, I touched up the painted wood with an artist brush.  I didn't tape anything off, so naturally I had a bit of the fabric paint color on the wood details.  I sanded the edges of the wood to give the wood a distressed look.

- The last step was to apply clear wax to the wood and the fabric.  The wax helped to soften the fabric and also provides a protective barrier.

I am very happy with the results.  The fabric is not 'crunchy' or hard.  It's not super soft like cotton or linen, it feels more like an outdoor fabric.  One day I may have these chairs reupholstered, but for now I am very happy with how they turned out!  And no sewing skills were required ;-)

OUR KITCHEN || before + after

Last weekend I finished painting our kitchen cabinets.  I got the 'bug to start painting" about two weeks ago and worked on painting the walls and cabinetry during nap times and in between making meals.  One of the many benefits of Chalk Paint® is the ease of use!  I truly was waxing cabinet doors while my little ones sat on the counter top and helped me make dinner.




Above are the 'BEFORE' photos.  Now, in all honesty, we plan to do a major kitchen renovation next winter.  New cabinets, countertops, new walls/laundry room/pantry, etc.  With that, I feel there is extra freedom because if I don't love the colors, we will be changing things.  Plus, I was a little less careful with the painting than I would have been if this paint job was going to last me longer {I didn't paint the inside of the cabinets or take the doors off of the hinges to paint.}









I chose black {Annie Sloan's GRAPHITE} for a majority of the cabinets because we have black appliances in almost every cabinet.  I distressed the edges and applied the dark wax over the entire cabinet.  I am really please how it turned out and the appliances now blend into the cabinetry.

I painted the upper cabinets next to the sink white {Annie Sloan's OLD WHITE} only because I didn't the kitchen to start too feel to heavy with so much black.  I left the cabinets doors off of the uppers and distressed the edges.  I also painted the walls a soft cream, and that helped to lighted the space as well.


We have a little nook area off of the kitchen and that is temporarily housing my computer/home office area.  We took these cabinets from the office of our vacation rental, people vacationing don't need an entire wall of built-in file drawers!  We will build new cabinetry for this area when we remodel, but for now this serves a great purpose.




Although this will all be changing in a year or so, I just needed to give it some color.  I am a firm believer in the fact that our homes should be inviting and reflect our personality.  Not that our homes are perfect or designed perfectly, but that our spaces help to make being in our homes more enjoyable.  By just adding a bit of color to our kitchen, I am enjoying cooking and baking so much more!  Color really does make a difference!

Next week I will post more details about the paint colors and applications I used!  Until then, enjoy your weekend!!

THE DEN || custom cabinetry + more

I dream of one day having a library in our home.  Shelf after shelf of book, I just love the look of a well stocked home library!  Maybe in 10 years or so I will have time to read again ;-)  Until then, I wanted to share some pictures of a library Matt just finished for a client.  We have done work in the past for these clients.  They are the cutest little couple.  And she has a beautiful decorating style, their home is just beautiful.

I can't seem to find any 'before' pictures.  Just think dated Ranch office {that's not meant as derogatory, that's just the best description!}



We removed the dated wood paneling and added new lighting.  Matt built and installed beautiful alder cabinets, paneling and faux beams.  The fireplace got a face lift with new tumbled stone surround, and the old brass fireplace metal was painted matte black.  The new carpet is a soft, lightly textured basket weave.  Not only does the den look beautiful, it ties in perfectly with the rest of the home.  You may remember these bathrooms that we remodeled a few years ago….this is the same home.  I also want to note that I only met with this sweet client for one consolation, she did a great job of pulling everything together!!









I think it turned out beautifully!  Thank you so much for the opportunity D & M!!

BEFORE + AFTER || oak table

Matt has wanted to build a farm house table for our dining room, but the reality is, it's falls short on the priority list.  My wood working skills do not even compare to my handy husband, so I knew there was no way I would attempt to build my own!  My in-laws lent us their extra oak dining set since we sold our last dining room set with our house.  A few weeks ago I was telling Matt's mom that we just couldn't agree on a new dining room set to buy.  Matt really wants to build something but I want something sooner than later.  :-0

She said we could just have the dining room set we were borrowing!  Perfect!  The next day I started painting..


The table is in great shape.  Solid oak and the perfect size for our dining room.  I painted the base with Chalk Paint® {Old White}.  Just one coat since I wanted it to be heavily distressed.  I then applied one coat of clear wax and a bit of dark wax to age the base a bit more.

The top is painted with Chalk Paint® {French Linen} and thinned with water, for more of a washed look.  I sanded the edges and applied two coats of the Annie Sloan lacquer.  The lacquer has a matte finish and is very durable, great for our family who uses this table almost three times a day.




I bought four metal chairs and two upholstered chairs to replace the oak chairs that were part of the original set.  I love mixing different styles and finishes.  Plus, these chairs are pretty indestructible…..good for a family with little people and messy big people ;-)

BEFORE & AFTER || a sewing table

A few weeks ago I picked up this darling little sewing table at Goodwill.  It was only $8 and I was looking for a little table for our master bedroom.

Now I forgot to take a 'BEFORE' picture, but I took one shortly after I started.  I think it's even better than a true 'BEFORE' because it shows how the first coat of white paint looks.  It looks bad and if you haven't painted with Chalk Paint® or Milk Paint, you may get nervous or discouraged after the first coat.  Fear not, the second coat always looks great!



A majority of the table is painted with PURE WHITE Chalk Paint®.  It took two coats, and then I distressed the edges.  This is an old piece and I want it to look old and full of character.

I then painted the doors and the fluted detail on the legs with TROPHY MMS Milk Paint.  After one coat of the Milk Paint, I sanded the doors, I still wanted to see the beautiful (but damaged) wood underneath.  The entire piece received one coat of clear wax and it was tucked into the little corner in my bedroom that afternoon!




One of the many things I love about both of these paints is the fast drying time.  I can finish a piece in one day and have it decorated or functioning that evening!!  I am an instant gratification kind of girl and this paint works perfectly for refinishing a piece quickly!  Love it!


Every time I talk to one of you lovely ladies (or gentlemen) who reads the blog, you always say how much you love seeing pictures of our home projects.  Matt and I both love working on our home, so it's fun for me to share pictures and projects!  We have A LOT of 'un-finished' projects, as 'one things leads to another'.  The beauty of this is that all of the sudden a lot of projects will be wrapped up at the same time ;-)

I am slowly working on making changes to our powder room.  I hope to wallpaper within the next couple of weeks and I just finished painting the ceramic floor tile last week.  I thought I would share a few photos and my thoughts on painting tile.


Here is the 'BEFORE' photo.

Now, let me start by saying my approach with painting the floor tile was that if it didn't turn out, we could rip it out and replace it with new tile.  That wouldn't be ideal, but I knew it was an option.  **I may not have been so brave as to paint the floor tile if I didn't know that we could replace it if it was a total bomb.**  Also, we had some extra floor tile stored in the basement.  I tried painting and sealing several pieces before actually painting the floor.




I began by scrubbing the floor with TSP. I let the floors completely dry and made sure they were clean before I moved onto taping the trim and plumbing fixtures.  Once everything was clean and taped, I painted the entire floor with 'Country Grey' Chalk Paint® decorative paint.  As you know, I love (and sell) Annie Sloan's paint.  I love it and use it on everything!  I have used it on concrete floors, and was curious as to how it would paint and hold up on a tile floor.

After two coats of the 'Country Grey', I cut in the alternating squares with 'Pure White'.  'Pure White' is the bright white offered in the line up of beautiful colors.  I used an artist brush to cut in.  I probably could have used tape to tape off the squares, but I didn't want to risk the tape pulling off the freshly painted grey paint.



I cut in (two coats) of 'Coco' Chalk Paint® over the grout lines.  I wasn't loving the look because the grout lines were not straight.  I just looked like painted tile, but not necessarily in a good way.  My sweet and well intentioned husband kept making suggestions and I knew he was trying to think of a polite way to say it look a bit tchotchke.



So, I took my own advice…..keep working on it until you love it!  You can always change something to make it more of what you like.  I lacquered the floor with the Annie Sloan Lacquer.  It's an awesome product.  It seals and protects and has a beautiful matte finish.  Not to mention it's water based for easy clean up!

After two coats of lacquer, I applied a light coat of dark wax.  The dark wax provided just the bit of aging and distressing I needed to make the imperfect grout lines look worn and a bit more authentic.  I kept everyone off of the floor tile during this entire process and followed the instructions on the lacquer container.  I also kept everyone off of the finished floor for a week, this little powder room gets a lot of foot traffic and I wanted to give the floor a fighting chance!  So far it looks really great and has held up very well.  And for those of you who know my husband, he is a tough critic!  He likes it and said it looks great ;-)

The last picture makes the wallpaper and floor tile color look a little off.  It actually matches perfectly and looks really good against the oak wood floor which is right outside of the bathroom door.  Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon of the new wallpaper!  Until then, I am off to paint the ceiling of the dining room and living room.  Not super fun but I love what a fresh coat of paint does to a room!!

If you have questions about painting tile, don't hesitate to shoot me an email or ask in the comments section.



ONE PROJECT LEADS TO ANOTHER || the joys of remodeling your own home

We are loving this sunny, warm weather!  What about you?

We have been working hard, but balancing it out with some fun play too.  Matt is just finishing up a couple bathroom remodels and starting to build the cabinetry for a client's home library, it's going to be a beauty!!  (I hope to get pictures of the bathrooms soon, they turned out really nice.) On the weekends and some evenings, we have been working on our basement.  The playroom is progressing….



And one thing always leads to another….Matt has to rebuild the stairs leading to the basement, which leads to new trim work, which leads to 'why not add paneling to the wall', which leads to ' let's make some changes in the powder room since you see the wall and stairs from the powder room'….we have a sickness.  Seriously.  And the worse part is, we feed off of each other!

So, now with all of my other half finished projects, I am going to start on the powder room.  Below is a quick sample board I threw together and a few pictures of the powder room as it sits now.

haneyprm copy




We are going to cover the existing wall paper with a neutral buffalo check wallpaper, add new doors and new trim to the current built-in and then paint it blue, new lights and plumbing fixtures and I am going to attempt to paint the tile.  I am thinking a black and white check?!?  I have seen a lot of painted tile projects online, so I am going to try my hand at it!

In the mean time, I am off to make paper chains with my sweet pea!

Happy Summer!!